Furry Nails Are a Bizarre New Nail Trend ...


Furry Nails Are a Bizarre New Nail Trend ...
Furry Nails Are a Bizarre New Nail Trend ...

According to Your Tango, women are now wearing faux fur on their nails. In order to do this, you'd have to paint your nails and then apply a high-gloss top coat that you'd attach the fur to. It looks just as crazy as it sounds. Check it out:

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This might not be the best everyday look, but you could rock it on Halloween if you go as a werewolf.



This is a cute color on a cat, but maybe not a human.



It certainly makes a statement, that's for sure.


More Brown

Would you really want your hands near your mouth with fur on your nails?


Even More Brown

This trend is certainly out there.

Would you ever wear furry nails or do you think the idea is ridiculous?

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Nobody wants wookie nails

Like how do you shower and wash your hands? It would creep me out so much. And it's not like any guy is going to dig this trend lol

This is wrong on so many levels


Cool for part of Costume other than that a bit gross

This made my skin crawl a little bit....As others have stated, I can see it being worn for Halloween but not on an every day basis.

Those are hideous beyond words

Positively revolting!!!

Super gross!

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