Perfect Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails ...


Perfect Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails ...
Perfect Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails ...

Wondering how to make your nails strong and healthy? Unhealthy nails can be unpleasant to look at, are a lot of work to maintain and still break easily. They do not even grow back very easily and are not uniform in color or yellowish. What makes nails weak is negligence and improper care. Here are a few answers for how to make your nails strong and healthy.

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Prevent Cuticle Skin Peeling

Often manicurists soak their tools in an antibacterial solution which can irritate the skin and cause the cuticle to become hard and start to peel off. Before sleeping at night, apply warm olive oil gently over your nails and cuticles using your fingers or a cotton swab. Apply it to the underside of your nails also. Massage the oil for about 5 minutes. Wear cotton gloves to prevent stains of oil on your bed. Have a good 8 hours of sleep. Repeat the process daily. This is one of the best answers for how to make your nails strong and healthy.


Stop Biting

Set aside the anxiety or the nervousness. Do NOT bite your nails. Biting nails does not affect the nail growth but does cause serious infections in the nails. If you cannot control the urge to bite the nails, apply a bitter lacquer onto the nails to discourage yourself. Also, try chewing gum to keep your mouth busy.


Get Rid of Yellow Discoloring

Green tea is an antioxidant and makes the nails strong and healthy. Brew a cup of green tea and allow it to cool down. Then soak your nails in the liquid for about 10 minutes twice a week. It also helps to reduce the yellow discoloration in the nails.


Hydrate the Nails

Use vitamin E oil to moisturize the nails every day for a few weeks. Its moisturizing properties help to repair damaged nails. It is a highly hydrating oil for the nails. Break open a vitamin E capsule and gently massage the oil onto the nails. Further, you can also consult a doctor and take vitamin E capsules orally.


Avoid Acetone

Acetone, used to remove nail paint, makes the nails dry and brittle. Super dry and brittle nails can become drier and unhealthier because of exposure to acetone. It makes the nails dry and also causes damage to the cuticles. Try using a nail polish remover that is free of acetone. Since many manicurists suggest a 10-minute acetone soak prior to a gel manicure, avoid getting a gel manicure till the time your nails become healthy. Furthermore, gel manicures make nail beds fragile and thin. Get gels properly removed at a salon to avoid this.


Avoid Contact with Chemicals

Wear rubber gloves when dealing with detergents and other chemicals. This also comes handy to keep a manicure lasting longer. Detergents and chemicals contain components that can strip the nail and make them more fragile.


Get a Simple Manicure Regularly

Taking care of unhealthy nails is important. But taking care of healthy nails is equally important. Keep your nails healthy and strong by going to regular but simple manicures. It is essential to shape, clean and take care of your cuticles to keep the nails healthy. But make sure that the salon uses clean and sterile tools. Otherwise, it could lead to fungal infections.


Use a Nail Strengthener

Use a nail strengthener to treat your weak and brittle nails. A nail strengthener or hardener creates a protective layer over the nails and also supplies the nails the required nutrients to keep them healthy and strong. But the formulation of a nail strengthener should be appropriate, otherwise, it can make the nails brittle and unable to bend at all.


Try Biotin

You do not need to include any supplements if you have a balanced and healthy diet. But if you have weak nails, biotin can be used. Biotin can make the nails stronger and is an effective method with proven results. Consult your doctor about the same.


Take a Break

As much as nail paint makes the hands look good, it does harm the nails. Try taking a nail paint break for a while. Avoid applying nail paint too often and take a period break from nail paints.


Trim Your Nails Regularly

Long nails look beautiful but maintaining them is a task, especially if your nails break easily. Keep the length short. Trim or file your nails. Frequent trimming also initiates a faster nail growth.


Carry a Nail File

If your work or gym routine causes a lot of wear and tear on your nails, carry a nail file with you. Use the file to smooth away any rough edges as soon as you notice them.


Apply a Base Coat

Even when you are painting your nails at home, always try and apply a base coat. It protects the nail from nail polish stains and keeps the nail paint looking more opaque and saturated with just one coat. If you want a salon like manicure at home, apply a coat of clear nail polish before every nail paint coat to make it look shiny and expensive.

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