The Nail Art Patterns Fashionable Girls Need to Make Easter Extra Special ...

By Eliza

The Nail Art Patterns Fashionable Girls Need to Make Easter Extra Special ...

I always paint my nails for Easter, don't you? If you're looking for something new and different this year, themed nail art is definitely the way to go. Whether you go with traditional Easter colors or you try some cute little bunnies, you will love all of these fantastic Easter nail art ideas.

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1 Pastel Tips

nail,finger,nail care,pink,manicure, Source:
nail polish,nail care,pink,cosmetics,glass bottle, Pastel tips are a great idea for celebrating Easter this year.
Get the perfect light pink Essie nailpolish for $9.00 at

2 Adorable Bunnies

finger,nail,pink,hand,manicure, Source: 15 Easter Nails To Get
nail polish,nail care,pink,cosmetics,magenta, These fluffy little bunnies will make you smile all Easter season.
Create the pink ears and noses with this pink shade of Essie found for $8.50 at

"Enhance your fall looks with this season's trendiest nail colors. With everything from subtle tones to dark and bold hues, there is a color for everyone. For a luxurious statement, try the indulgent gold nail color that is sure to make a bold impression. With gold nails, be ready to steal the spotlight everywhere you go."

3 Easter Eggs

nail,finger,pink,leg,hand, Source: Happy Easter nails
Butter London,nail polish,skin,cosmetics,eye, Make your nails look like eggs with some bright colored polish.
Create the blue with this Butter London nail laquor for $18.00 at

4 Chick Nails

yellow,food,produce,toy,dessert, Source: 16 Cute Nail Tutorials You
nail polish,nail care,green,yellow,product, Who isn't going to love tiny cute chicks on their nails?
Create the yellow chicks with this Essie matte nail polish for $9.00 at

5 Hop to It

nail,finger,pink,hand,leg, Source: Hop to it: 12 of
Butter London,nail polish,nail care,pink,beauty, The pink background on these nails makes them really awesome!
Create the pink background with coral peony Jinsoon nail laquor for $18.00 at

6 Speckled Eggs

nail,finger,color,nail care,manicure, Source: Easter-Inspired Nail Art: Cadbury Mini

These nails look exactly like those little speckled eggs you gobble up on Easter.
nail polish,nail care,cosmetics,hand,deborah, Create the speckles with Deborah Lippmann's gel lab pro nail color for $20.00 at

7 Dotty French Manicure

color,nail,finger,pink,hand, Source: A Girl and Her Polish
This just screams Easter to me. What about you?
nail polish,nail care,violet,purple,cosmetics, Create the speckles with this NARS iconic nail polish for $20.00 at

8 Flowers

nail,finger,purple,pink,violet, Source: DIY Easter Nail Art
It's not Easter without some flowers on your nails.
product,eye,design,cosmetics,BURBERRY, You'll love this shade of light grey for $22.00 at

9 Hatching Chicks

nail,finger,yellow,pink,hand, Source: Easter Nail Art | Spring
I adore the orange and yellow colors used for these cute tiny chicks.
Essie Neon,nail polish,orange,nail care,cosmetics, This shade of orange for $8.50 at is absolutely perfect!

10 Blue Sunflowers

color,nail,finger,nail care,blue, Source: Sunflower nails
Flowers and Easter just go together, don't you think?
Butter London,nail polish,skin,cosmetics,eye, Get this light blue Butter London polish for $15.00 at

11 Rainbow Manicure

color,nail,finger,nail polish,nail care, Source: Mani Monday: Neon Rainbow Nail
They look like perfectly dyed Easter eggs, don't you think?
Butter London,color,perfume,beauty,product, Here's how to get this pink pastel color for $19.00 at

12 Perfect for Spring

nail,finger,color,manicure,nail care, Source: Flower Nail Designs Perfect For
The butterfly makes these nails something really special for Easter.
Jin Soon,nail polish,nail care,pink,cosmetics, This is the prettiest pale pink for this background for $18.00 at

13 Chevron Nails

nail,color,finger,green,blue, Source: Washed-out chevron nails
These nails are great for pairing with your fancy new Easter dress.
nail polish,nail care,violet,purple,pink, Create the cheveron pattern with this $18.00 polish at

14 Bunny Ears

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: 20 Easy, Straightforward & Amazing
If you don't want to commit to the entire bunny, how about just the ears?
nail polish,nail care,cosmetics,perfume,hand, Create the bunny ears with this Chanel white polish for $28.00 at

15 Religious Aspects

nail,color,finger,nail care,green, Source: 24 Cute Nail Art Designs
A simple cross is a great idea for Easter-inspired nail art.
nail polish,nail care,aqua,cosmetics,hand, This slick oil paint teal Essie polish is $9.00 at

16 All Different

color,nail,finger,pink,purple, Source: butter LONDON Spring Dotticure
Don't underestimate how cool it looks to paint each of your nails a little different.
Butter London,nail polish,nail care,pink,beauty, We love this Butter London polish for $10.00 at

17 Polka Dots

nail,finger,pink,nail care,manicure, Source: 15 The Cutest Easter Nail
Balance out your bunny with some fabulous polka dots like these.
nail polish,cosmetics,eye,organ,NAIL, Create the dark polka dots with Julep glitter nail color for $14.00 at

18 Pastel Stripes

color,nail,finger,nail care,nail polish, Source: 40+ Easter Inspired Nail Art
The colors and design of this pattern are as good as it gets for Easter.
nail polish,product,cosmetics,eye,ULEP, Create the silver stripes with Julep's glitter color for $14.00 at

19 Easter Egg Hunt

nail,finger,nail care,pink,nail polish, Source:
Recreate your favorite Easter egg hunt with this fantastic idea.
nail polish,nail care,purple,violet,cosmetics, This Genie in a bottle blue is for $20.00 at

20 All the Same

nail,finger,nail care,pink,hand, Source: 25+ Lovely and Vintage Polka
There's something really cool about painting all of your nails the same.
Jin Soon,nail polish,nail care,cosmetics,eye, This JINsoon purple is for $18.00 at

21 Cute Little Peeker Rabbit

nail,color,finger,pink,manicure, Source: The Crumpet
Do you think you could recreate this awesome design?
NARS,nail polish,nail care,blue,electric blue, We love this iconic NARS for $20.00 at

22 Baby Chicks

color,finger,nail,yellow,hand, Source: 19 Best Easter Nail Art
Chicks are iconic for Easter, so this is perfect!
nail polish,nail care,yellow,cosmetics,glass bottle, Essie shimmer polish for $8.50 at will create the chicks!

23 Water Marble

color,nail,finger,pink,green, Source: Zig Zag Watermarble - Trends
You will not be able to find any better colors for Easter than these.
Essie Neon,nail polish,nail care,green,aqua, The perfect watermarble blue is this Essie shimmer polish for $9.00 at

24 Something Abstract

nail,color,finger,nail care,blue, Source: Nail Artist Interview: 14 Questions
The colors here make this design work for Easter. Change them up for other holidays.
nail polish,nail care,pink,violet,purple, Essie makes geometric patterns easy. Get this blue look for $9.00 at

25 Sparkly Easter Bunnies

nail,color,finger,pink,red, Source: Rin's Nail Files
Sparkly polish is perfect for painting bunnies on top of.
nail polish,cosmetics,lip,lip gloss,magenta, We love this holographic glitter Julep polish for $14.00 at

26 Chick and Bunny

nail,color,finger,nail care,yellow, Source: Easter Bunny Chick Nails
Can't decide between a chick and a bunny? Why not go with both?
nail polish,nail care,cosmetics,glitter,eye, Make the bunny holographic with this white Julep paint for $14.00 at

27 Try Decals

nail,color,finger,nail care,pink, Source: Etsy :: Your place to
Not good at nail art? Try decals instead.
nail polish,skin,product,cosmetics,eye, We're lovin this dark Dolce and Gabana paint for $27 at

28 Bunny and Carrots

nail,finger,orange,hand,food, Source: Peace, Love and Polish: Easter
Not only is the orange perfect, but the carrots and bunnies are super adorable.
nail polish,nail care,red,orange,cosmetics, Get this JINsoon pop orange polish for $18.00 at

29 Clear Background

nail,finger,pink,nail care,green, Source: Designs to Try: Delicate Nail
The clear background really lets the bright design shine.
nail polish,skin,product,eye,cosmetics, This base coat will keep this look extra shiny! Find it for $20.00 at

30 In the Garden

nail,finger,nail care,green,manicure, Source: Nail Care Products & Nail
This design is probably my favorite. What do you think?
nail polish,nail care,green,product,cosmetics, Create the grass with this jungle polish for $10.00 at

31 Flowers in the Grass with Blue

color,nail,finger,nail care,blue, Source: Girly Bits: Flowers in the
This one ranks right up there too! I love the blue color.
Jin Soon,nail polish,nail care,electric blue,cosmetics, Get this beautiful Jinsoon blue at for $18.00.

32 Chocolate Bunny

nail,finger,pink,nail care,hand, Source: The Sparkle Queen: Nail Art
Love chocolate bunnies? Don't we all? This design looks tasty!
nail polish,skin,eye,cosmetics,DOLCE&GABBANA, Create the chocolate with this Dolce and Gabbana polish for $27.00 at

What are your plans for your Easter nails this year? Are you going to try nail art?

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