Nude Nail Art Inspirations for Girls Glamming up Basic ...

By Allison

Nude Nail Art Inspirations for Girls Glamming up Basic ...

Want some serious nude nail art inspiration? Girls, it's time to glam up your basic manicure! There's nothing more chic and timeless than a classic nude manicure, but if you want to give an understated punch, we've got the tips for you! Popsugar has some simple yet inventive neutral nail art ideas for when your minimal lacquer needs a little excitement. Here are some nude nail art inspirations for girls glamming up basic nails!

1 Short Stiletto Nails

2 Coffin Nails with Black Dots

3 Simple and Clean Lines

4 Colorful Confetti Gel Design

5 Gem Details

6 Gold Stud Accent

7 3d Reptile Design

8 Abstract Nail Art

9 Glitzy Nails

10 Diamond and Gold Accents

11 Accent Shimmer Nails

12 Gold Foil Accents

13 Gold Hologram Accent Nails

14 White Andgold Confetti Accents

15 Yellow Triangles

16 Black Slash

17 One Gem Tip

18 Silver Accents

19 Gold Swirls

20 Floral Accents

21 Gold Gem Lines

What was your favorite nude nail art? Did you see a style that was your absolute fav? Let us know in the comments!

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I'm definitely gonna try all of these 😍😍💅💅

These all look so cute

It was really amazing ideas

Me too

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