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Even if you don't live beachside, you can still rock ocean nail art to make your summer feel perfect. Bright colors and a sea theme are ideal for bringing all the best of summer to each of your days. When you get a load of these perfect nail art designs, you are going to be even more excited about warm weather. Check it out!

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Blue and White Nautical

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Sandy Beaches and Seashells

Source: Tropical Nail Art That'll Transport

Frequently asked questions

Beach themed nail art includes designs and colors that remind you of the beach, like ocean blues, sandy tans, palm trees, sea creatures, and sunsets. It's a fun way to decorate your nails during the summer or whenever you feel like adding a bit of a beach vibe to your look.

Yes, you can create your own beach themed nail art at home with some nail polish, a little bit of creativity, and some simple tools like brushes or toothpicks to add detailed designs. There are also tutorials online that can help you with step-by-step instructions.

Popular designs include things like waves, seashells, starfish, flip-flops, sea animals like dolphins or seahorses, and even beach sunsets. You can be as simple or as intricate with the designs as you like.

Typical beach nail art colors include shades of blue and green for the ocean, beige and tan for the sand, yellow and orange for the sun and sunsets, and other bright or pastel colors to represent beach gear and sea life.

To make your beach themed nail art last longer, start with clean, dry nails, use a good base coat, and after painting your designs, seal them in with a top coat of clear polish. Avoid using your nails as tools to prevent chipping, and reapply the top coat every few days to keep them looking fresh.


Palm Trees Add a Beachy Feel

Source: 28 Colorful Nail Art Designs


Sunsets and Sand

Source: 22 Fun Nail Art Tutorials


Sun and Surf on Your Nails

Source: Beach Nail Art


This text is about a beach-themed nail art idea that features blue nail polish. The image accompanying the text shows the nail art design in detail. It is the perfect way to bring a bit of the beach to your nails and make your summer more enjoyable. The idea was featured in an article on a women-focused blog in the nails category. The article featured 40 other awesome beach-themed nail art ideas, so there are plenty of options to choose from. With these nail art ideas, you can have fun in the sun and show off your beachy style.


Nautical Red, White and Blue

Source: 28 Colorful Nail Art Designs


Three Dimensional Shell Accents

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Lots of Detail

Source: Tuesday’s #NailCall: Gold Accents and


Beach themed nail art is a great way to show off your summer style. Whether you’re looking for a subtle hint of the beach or a full-on beach-inspired look, there are plenty of options to choose from. From classic beachy hues like blues and whites to more adventurous colors like gold and purple, there’s something for everyone.

One of the most popular beach themed nail art designs is the classic French manicure. This look is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their beachy style in a subtle way. To get the look, start with a base color of white or light blue. Then apply a thin stripe of a darker color like navy blue or black. Finish off the look with a top coat of clear polish to protect the design.

If you’re looking for something more daring, try out a gold patterned manicure. Start by applying a base color of light blue or white. Then use a thin brush and gold nail polish to create intricate patterns and designs. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even add in some bright colors like purple or pink.


Stormy Beach

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Stormy Beach is a beautiful nail art idea that will make your summer rock. It features a blue manicure with a nail care theme. The design is perfect for those who want to add a touch of the ocean to their look. The colors used are navy blue and white, with a hint of silver. The design is created with a combination of nail art techniques, such as stamping, sponging, and airbrushing.

This nail art is perfect for those who want to make a statement. The design is simple yet elegant and can be worn as part of a day or night look. It is also a great way to add a touch of glamour to an outfit. The design is perfect for a summer party or a beach vacation.

To create this look, start by applying a base coat. Then use a white nail polish to create the base of the design. Use a navy blue polish to create the waves and use a silver polish to create the highlights. Finish the look with a top coat.


Make a Splash

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Adorable Sea Stars

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Add Some Glitter

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One way to take your beach themed nail art to the next level is by adding some glitter. This will add a touch of sparkle and shine to your nails, perfect for a day at the beach. Glitter can be applied in various ways, such as a full glitter nail or just as an accent on one or two nails. You can also experiment with different colors of glitter to match your beach outfit or swimsuit. Not only will this make your nails stand out, but it will also add a fun and playful element to your beach look. So don't be afraid to add some glitter to your beach nail art!


Pink Stripes and Anchor

Source: Tin Can Snowman by Practically


Perfect Tropical Flowers

Source: Top 15 Summer Nail Art


What a Cute Whale!

Source: INK361 - The Instagram web


Suns and Stripes

Source: 10 Amazing Spring Nail Designs


A Touch of Bright Red

Source: Yahoo Health


Glitter and Palms

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Sweet Feminine Colors

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Summer Beauty Bucket List

Source: The Summer Beauty Bucket List


A Tiny Little Crab

Source: Jahaira on Instagram: “I know


The image accompanying this paragraph features a tiny crab on a nail, adding a touch of nature to a manicure. This beach-themed nail art is just one of the many creative ideas showcased in the article. The post was shared by Jahaira on Instagram, and it has received positive feedback from followers. The article, published on a women-focused blog, offers 40 different nail art ideas for the summer season. From palm trees to seashells, these designs are perfect for anyone looking to add a fun and playful touch to their nails. The use of bright colors and intricate details make these nail art ideas stand out and capture the essence of summer.


Turquoise and Gold

Source: 14 Brilliant Beach-Inspired Manis to


Animal Print and Palm Trees

Source: INK361 - The Instagram web


Sea Turtles in Blues and Purples

Source: Tropical Nail Art That'll Transport


Footprints in the Sand

Source: 22 Summer Beach Activities Fun


Blue Mermaid

Source: 15 Ocean Nail Arts


The Blue Mermaid design is a whimsical ode to the enchanting creatures of the sea. Featuring a shimmering blue palette reminiscent of the ocean's depth, this manicure incorporates scales and glimmers that catch the light like the tail of a mermaid gliding under the sun. To elevate the look, add small rhinestones or glitter accents to mimic the sparkling surface of the water. This nail art is perfect for those who want to carry a piece of the ocean's mystery with them, combining beauty and fantasy on their fingertips.


Ocean Waves and Sand


Ocean waves and the soft shimmer of sand inspire this coastal nail art design. It's perfect for days when you long for the beach but can't make the trip. To achieve this look, start with a base of sparkling beige to mimic sandy shores. Then, add gentle wavy lines in various shades of blue across your nails to represent the rolling waves of the sea. For an extra touch of summer, use a thin brush to draw a seashell or starfish on your accent nail. This intricate pattern will have you feeling the ocean's breeze at your fingertips.


Orange and Red Flowers

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Cute Red Octopus with an Anchor

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Purple Beach Nail Art

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Tropical Flowers and Palm Trees

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All the Best Summer Colors

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For those looking to embrace the sunny season with every detail, think beyond the typical hues and dive into the vast ocean of lively shades that summer has to offer. From the cerulean blues that mirror the sea to the vibrant corals that draw inspiration from sunsets, your nails can become a canvas for the season's warmth and beauty. Don't shy away from bold yellows and playful turquoise—perfect for sandy beach escapades or lounging by the pool. Let your fingertips carry a piece of the summer wherever you go, making each gesture a splash of joy.


Each One is Different

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Fun Little Sea Creatures

Source: Wacky Laki: Sunday Stamping: Plate


Glitter and Scales

Source: _stephsnails_‘s Instagram posts • Pinsta.me


Glitter and scales are two popular elements used in beach-themed nail art. The use of glitter adds a touch of sparkle and shine, while scales create a mermaid-inspired look. These elements are often combined with other beach-themed designs such as seashells, starfish, and waves to create a cohesive and fun look. Nail artists on social media, such as Instagram user stephsnails, showcase their creativity by incorporating glitter and scales into their beach-themed nail designs. This trend is perfect for the summer season, as it adds a playful and whimsical touch to any outfit. So next time you're hitting the beach, make sure to rock some glitter and scales on your nails to complete your beachy look!


Walk on the Beach

Source: Rin's Nail Files: Zoya Pixie-Dust


Source: 5 Amazing Watermelon Nails


Tropical Colors

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Summertime Flowers

Source: 15+ Spring Flower Nail Art


A Day at the Beach

Source: 50 Amazing Nail Art Designs

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