Matte Nail Art Inspiration Thatll Make You Look Elegant ...

By Eliza

Matte Nail Art Inspiration Thatll Make You Look Elegant ...

Matte nails are having a moment right now and there's just something so elegant about the way it looks. Basically matte is just a flat version of your favorite color rather than being all shiny and glossy. Want to give it a try? I think these ideas will be all the inspiration you need.

1 Perfect in Purple

Source: Stylish Board Who Wants to

2 Sophisticated Polka Dots

Source: Matte Nail Art Ideas Simple

3 With a Little Bit of Shine

Source: Matte Nail Polish Designs Simple

4 Coral and Grey

4 Perfect for a Party


5 Just a Touch of Matte

Source: Black Matte Nails Designpink Nail

6 Try a Cool Pattern

Source: Matte Nail Polish For Stylish

7 A Touch of Glitter


8 Dripping with Bling

Source: Best-Nail-Art-Matte-Black-Drippy - Nailive

9 Pretty in Pink

Source: Mat Nail Art Are Very

10 Black and Silver

Source: Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte

11 Red and Gold

Source: Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte

12 With Shiny Dots

Source: WOW Polish: Blue Matte Nail

13 Go Totally Girly


14 Black on Matte Gray

Source: Matte - Nail Art Gallery

15 Try Something Three Dimensional

Source: Popular Black Nails Art Ideas

16 Bright Polka Dots

Source: Nail-aween Nail Art Challenge: Matte

17 Something Artistic

Source: TUTORIAL: Easy Sideswipe Nail Art

Which one is your absolute favorite?

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