Matte Nail Art Inspiration Thatll Make You Look Elegant ...

By Eliza

Matte Nail Art Inspiration Thatll Make You Look Elegant ...

Matte nails are having a moment right now and there's just something so elegant about the way it looks. Basically matte is just a flat version of your favorite color rather than being all shiny and glossy. Want to give it a try? I think these ideas will be all the inspiration you need.

Table of contents:

  1. perfect in purple
  2. sophisticated polka dots
  3. with a little bit of shine
  4. coral and grey
  5. perfect for a party
  6. just a touch of matte
  7. try a cool pattern
  8. a touch of glitter
  9. dripping with bling
  10. pretty in pink
  11. black and silver
  12. red and gold
  13. with shiny dots
  14. go totally girly
  15. black on matte gray
  16. try something three dimensional
  17. bright polka dots
  18. something artistic

1 Perfect in Purple

Source: Stylish Board Who Wants to

2 Sophisticated Polka Dots

Source: Matte Nail Art Ideas Simple

3 With a Little Bit of Shine

Source: Matte Nail Polish Designs Simple

4 Coral and Grey

4 Perfect for a Party


5 Just a Touch of Matte

Source: Black Matte Nails Designpink Nail

6 Try a Cool Pattern

Source: Matte Nail Polish For Stylish

7 A Touch of Glitter


8 Dripping with Bling

Source: Best-Nail-Art-Matte-Black-Drippy - Nailive

9 Pretty in Pink

Source: Mat Nail Art Are Very

10 Black and Silver

Source: Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte

11 Red and Gold

Source: Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte

12 With Shiny Dots

Source: WOW Polish: Blue Matte Nail

13 Go Totally Girly


14 Black on Matte Gray

Source: Matte - Nail Art Gallery

15 Try Something Three Dimensional

Source: Popular Black Nails Art Ideas

16 Bright Polka Dots

Source: Nail-aween Nail Art Challenge: Matte

17 Something Artistic

Source: TUTORIAL: Easy Sideswipe Nail Art

Which one is your absolute favorite?

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