7 Pieces of Nail Art for Girls Who Are Short on Time ...


You don't need to spend hours on your nails in order to make them look nice. You don't have to paint them one solid color and then claim that you're done, either. Here are a few pieces of pretty nail art for girls who are short on time, but still want to look their best:

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Newspaper Nail Art

This looks complicated, but it's actually one of the easiest pieces of nail art you could ever create. As long as you have time to paint your nails white and wait for them to dry, you shouldn't have a problem. Once that happens, you just have to dip your nails in rubbing alcohol and then place a piece of newspaper over them. It's just like you're applying a temporary tattoo. Yes, it's that easy!


Striped Nails

Instead of painting your nails a plain color and calling it a day, you should add some stripes to them. After you paint your nails a solid color, like white, all you need is tape, a marker, and some polish. Cut stripes out of that piece of tape, place it over your nail, and then paint over that tape.


Splatter Party Nails

Start out by painting your nails white. Then place some tape around the corners of them, so you don't end up coating your skin with polish. Once you do that, you should put a few drops of nail polish into a container, add thinner to it, and then splatter it all over your nails. Repeat the process with as many colors as you'd like.


Gradient Heart Nails

Want to add a simple heart to your nails? Then you're going to fold a piece of tape in half so you can cut out a heart. After that, you should place the stencil over your nails. If you want to save some time, you can skip the step where you create a gradient. You can just paint a solid polish color over that tape, instead.


Polish Remover Heart Nails

Here's another method for creating hearts on your nails. This one looks a little different, though, because the hearts are just the color of your actual nails. You're going to start by painting your nails solid black. Then you're going to grab a q-tip, dip it in nail polish remover, and remove the polish in the shape of a tiny heart.


Polka Dots

Polka dots look pretty, but they're pretty easy to make. All you have to do is paint your nails a solid color and wait for them to dry. Then you can grab a nail dotting tool (or a toothpick) and add a different color to your nails. You can even add a bow if you'd like by drawing a line near the top of your nails and adding more dots to it.


Converse Shoe Nails

This isn't as difficult as it looks. All you're going to do is grab some white and black polish. Paint your nails with that black polish, and then swipe white polish across the tip. After that, create a few small dots and connect them.

The next time you're short on time, see if you can pull off these simple pieces of nail art. What other easy nail art ideas do you do when your short on time?

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