39 Fabulous Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs That Work All Month Long ...

By Eliza

39 Fabulous  Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs That Work All Month Long ...

Valentine's Day is coming quickly, so you need some nail art to help you celebrate. Luckily, creating Valentines' Day nail art is pretty simple since you can drag out all your best pinks and reds. The best part is that you can also use other colors if you want to. Nail art is trending in a big way right now and Valentine's Day gives you the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Look at these sweet designs and let them inspire you to create the best look yet.

1 Love Nails

Source: Red Pink Heart Glitter Nail ... If you have a steady hand, you can write "love" on your fingernails this year. Valentine's Day will never be the same.

2 Pink and Black

Source: Red Pink Heart Glitter Nail ... Pink and black is a great choice for Valentine's Day. That silvery nail is pretty stunning too.

"Enhance your fall looks with this season's trendiest nail colors. With everything from subtle tones to dark and bold hues, there is a color for everyone. For a luxurious statement, try the indulgent gold nail color that is sure to make a bold impression. With gold nails, be ready to steal the spotlight everywhere you go."

3 Make Them All Different

Source: Vine Vera Resveratrol Reviews – ... There's no rule that says each of your nails has to look exactly the same.

4 Chevron in Pink

Source: 15 Pink Nail Arts You ... Not only is nail art trending right now, but chevron is as well. This is lovely, don't you think?

5 Give Your Heart Away

Source: 26 Ridiculously Sweet Valentine's Day ... What a sweet way to commemorate the love you have with your significant other this year.

6 Add Some Stripes

Source: 16 Killer Valentine’s Day Nail ... Stripes are great for any occasion. They look great here, don't you think?

7 Pink, Gray and White Glittery Heart Combination

Source: Custom Made Set of 2 ... I love the colors and the design of this look. It's subtle, but still perfect for Valentine's Day.

8 Just What the Love Doctor Ordered

Source: 26 Ridiculously Sweet Valentine's Day ... The background color is fabulous and the beating heart is perfect for a day of love.

9 Red Glitter French Tip

Source: 22 Lovely Nail Art Ideas ... If you don't want to draw a picture, this design is a wonderful alternative. The red glitter is lovely.

10 "I Love You" Valentine's Day Nails

Source: Valentine's Day Nail Art & ... The red and white are great and the hearts and "I love you" make this design really special.

11 Lots of Hearts

Source: Vine Vera Resveratrol Reviews – ... Randomly placed hearts are an easy way to make your nails ready for Valentine's Day.

12 Just a Couple Hearts

Source: 21 Valentine's Day Nail Art ... You can put hearts all over the place, or go with just a couple like this look.

13 Love Scrabble

Source: 17 Valentine's Day Nail Art ... Make your nails look like Scrabble tiles with a look like this. Cute, isn't it?

14 Blush Pink

Source: 21 Valentine's Day Nail Art ... Any shade of pink is perfect for Valentine's Day, but this light one works just right with the heart.

15 Newspaper Nail Art

Source: 20 Cool Newspaper Nail Art ... Let the world know the news that you're in love with this adorable nail art design.

16 Heart Balloons

Source: 9 Adorable Nail Designs for ... Turn your hearts into tiny little balloons for a whimsical and fun feel on your nails.

17 Itty Bitty Hearts

Source: I Heart Nail Art: Valentines ... I'm not sure I could get these tiny hearts looking right, but I bet you can!

18 Hearts and Polka Dots

Source: 42 Crush-Worthy Valentine's Day Nail ... Polka dots are the perfect thing to go with little hearts. Any color will do.

19 Add Some Sparkle

Source: designsnext.com You can't go wrong by adding some glitter to your Valentine's Day nails.

20 Embellishments

Source: 70 Lovely Valentine’s Day Inspired ... The heart embellishment on these bright nails looks absolutely wonderful.

21 Spell It out

Source: Cherry nails - zdobienie paznokci ... Here's another great example of how you can write "love" on your fingernails.

22 A Touch of Bling

Source: 24 Cute Nail Art Designs ... A few nail rhinestones on your Valentine's Day nails makes them shine just right.

23 Disney Inspired

Source: Vine Vera Resveratrol Reviews – ... If you love Mickey and Minnie, you are going to adore these cute fingernails.

24 Hugs and Kisses

Source: Vine Vera Resveratrol Reviews – ... X's and O's are easy to create and are perfect for Valentine's Day nail art.

25 Conversation Hearts

Source: The Absolute BEST Valentines Nail ... Take things to the next level by painting conversation hearts on your fingernails.

26 Raining Hearts

Source: Wacky Laki: Raining Hearts - ... I love the sparkle and the cute hearts on this design. The black background does a great job of enhancing the look.

27 Lip Print

Source: Vine Vera Resveratrol Reviews – ... You can probably find lip print nail decals to achieve this look.

28 Crackle Hearts

Source: I Feel Polished!: Valentine's Day ... Use crackle nail polish to give your hearts some personality and make them your own.

29 Plain Nails

Source: Red Pink Heart Glitter Nail ... Balance out a couple of patterned nails with a few that are a basic color.

30 Little Owl

Source: “Owl Love” Nail Art with ... This adorable little owl is the perfect friend to help you celebrate Valentine's Day this year.

31 Totally Feminine

Source: One Nail To Rule Them ... The color and design of this nail is fun, but feminine and understated at the same time. Perfect for the office.

32 Double Hearts

Source: Beauty O'holic: Crushin' You could use a tiny paintbrush to get these hearts on your fingernails. Use any color combination you like.

33 Little Bow

Source: INK361 - The Instagram web ... I don't know how the bow stays in place, but I love this look. What do you think?

34 White Background

White nails with simple hearts is elegant and classy.

35 The Key to My Heart

Source: Manic Talons Gel Polish and ... This is lovely, don't you think? I love the gold glitter used to make the key and that the lock is a heart. Perfect!

36 Valentine Minions

Source: INK361 - The Instagram web ... If you're a minions fan, you will love having these little friends on your nails.

37 Lots of Love

Source: callinamarie.buzznet.com Each nail has a design, but since they are all the same, this just works.

38 Smeared Hearts

Source: My Simple Little Pleasures: NOTD: ... Making these hearts is as easy as dragging a toothpick through a dot of nail polish.

39 Middle Fingers

Source: Red Pink Heart Glitter Nail ... Painting just one or both of your middle fingers is a big part of the nail art trend. This looks great!

Do you do nail art? What's your plan for Valentine's Day this year? Please feel free to share any tips on getting the look done just right. Which one of these is your favorites?

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They are so pretty

And I love the cover photo.. Where's that one from?

Some of them r cute while some just doesnt look healthy

Awesome designs! Especially 32, 24, 21, 19, 16, 4 and 10 I shared on Twitter :-)

They're so cute

They are super cute💗



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