Work-Friendly Nail Art That Your Coworkers Will Flip over ...

By Heather

Work-Friendly Nail Art That Your Coworkers Will Flip over ...

Lately, I've been getting into manicures and keeping my nails beautiful. I do still work in a corporate office though and have to make sure that I can a. still type with my nails and b. it isn't offensive to my work colleagues. So, I've come up with a list of awesome work-friendly nail art concepts for your next manicure that will surely dazzle your co-workers!

1 Cutie Frenches

Cutie Frenches

2 Half and Half

Half and Half

3 Just a Dot

Just a Dot

4 Little Disney

Little Disney

5 Triangle Art

Triangle Art

6 All the Fruits

All the Fruits

7 Pretty Stripes

Pretty Stripes

8 Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails

9 Every Different One

Every Different One

10 The Stars

The Stars

11 Nude Stripes

Nude Stripes

12 Foil Nails

Foil Nails

13 Bows and Hearts

Bows and Hearts

14 Marble


15 Mix and Match

Mix and Match

16 Two Toned

Two Toned

17 Black and Silver

Black and Silver

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