Coffin ⚰️ Nail Art 💅 to Keep It Spooky 😱 on Halloween 🕷 ...


Halloween is all about spooking yourself and those you love. What could be spookier than a coffin? Not ready to get into one and pop out to scare someone? Do some coffin nail art to scare them instead. These ideas are super easy to do and will give you just the eerie feeling you want on Halloween. In this case, I'm talking about coffin shaped nails, which look super cool. Check it out.

1. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

2. Pale Purple with Flowers

Pale Purple with Flowers

3. Reverse French Manicure

Reverse French Manicure

4. Black and Gold

Black and Gold

5. Just the Right Amount of Shimmer

Just the Right Amount of Shimmer

6. Sweet Chevron

Sweet Chevron

7. A Pop of Red

A Pop of Red

8. Bright Shiny Red

Bright Shiny Red

9. Glossy White

Glossy White

10. Black and Silver

Black and Silver

11. A Little Bit of Glitter

A Little Bit of Glitter

12. Lots of Bling

Lots of Bling

13. Beautiful Matte Black

Beautiful Matte Black

14. Gold underneath

Gold underneath

15. How about Some Hearts

How about Some Hearts

16. Blue and Pink

Blue and Pink

17. Totally Fabulous

Totally Fabulous

18. Check out This Blue

Check out This Blue

19. Pink Ombre

Pink Ombre

20. Black and Nude

Black and Nude

21. Gold Sparkles

Gold Sparkles

Feeling spooked? Which look will you try this Halloween?