These Nails Will Push You to Get a Next-Level Manicure ...

By Lyndsie

These Nails Will Push You to Get a Next-Level Manicure ...

Getting a manicure is fun, if you're into that sort of thing. I am, sometimes – right now, I'm trying to stop biting my nails again. I quit for two years or something, but now I'm back to gnawing my nails every time I get nervous. Sad state of affairs. Trolling my Insta feed for next-level manicures helps, though. Seeing all those gorgeous designs and long, graceful fingernails is enough to inspire me to quit again – and even if I can't quit biting, these to-die-for manicures are worthy of admiration!

1 Matte Black

Matte manicures look just as fierce as matte lips, in my not so humble opinion. This manicure is also fierce – it goes so well with the jewelry!

2 A Disney Dream

As if the polka dots aren't utterly charming by themselves, Minnie Mouse is hiding out on the accent nail, and she is bringing it.

3 A Little Lace

I think I've found my next manicure, as a matter of fact. This is so pretty!

4 The Sweetest Mani

Sprinkles, cupcakes, frosting, and even a cherry on top – what could be better?

5 French Flair

Here's a lovely little French take on the lace look. I'm certainly in love.

6 Pretty in Pink

A simple pink shade can look so chic, don't you think?

7 A Magical Manicure

There's a lot going on here, but it's worthwhile to take in all the details.

8 You're a Daisy if You do

These nails are beyond charming. I cannot even imagine the skill it took to make those flowers.

9 Subtle Color

You wouldn't think grey and beige could look so pretty. It's a lovely natural look, though. Makes me rethink my opinion of greige.

10 Mirror Mirror on Your Nails

Pulling off a polish like this is hard. It's way too easy to accidentally smudge it.

11 Visual Intrigue

I love that all the decals are in different spots. I also love that ring.

12 Bejeweled and Beguiled

In the first place, the base color here is stunning – fun, vivid, eye-catching. In the second places, the jeweled accents are perfection!

13 All That Glitters

Here's an interesting idea – you're not stuck with one color, and you get more than one accent nail. What do you think?

14 Rainbows

I wholeheartedly approve of the rainbows.

15 Eye-spy

This manicure reminds me of The Great Gatsby.

16 Butterflies

All of these decals are adorable.

17 Never Pick a Pattern

Why pick one? Go with complementary colors and splash out with a different pattern for every nail if you want.

Do you have a go-to manicure or do you prefer painting your nails using a new design every time?

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