Pro Tips βœ… to Look πŸ‘€ after Your Cuticles πŸ’… ...

Every girl needs to know how to look after your cuticles. This guide has been written for the woman that has invested in all the necessary tools. She has purchased cuticle cream, a cuticle remover, and cuticle sticks. She may have chosen to buy cuticle oil and cuticle nippers as well. This guide explains how to make optimum use of such products and equipment. So, here's how to look after your cuticles.

1. Help Your Cuticles to Stay Moist

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Apply some cuticle cream to thick or dry cuticles every night. Apply some as well to nail beds in which the cuticle’s presence has not become so apparent. This is one of the most important steps in how to look after your cuticles.

2. Use Your Cuticle Remover as Directed on Package

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Not all such removers get prepared from the same formula. Therefore, you must read the instructions on the package. No matter what brand you use, apply just a thin ribbon of the product on the tissue that you intend to remove. Wait 1 or 2 minutes and then dip your hands in a bowl of warm water. Let your fingertips soak in that same water for 30 seconds. Once you have taken your fingers out of the bowl, you can push the cuticles back, using your cuticle stick. Dry your nails and cuticles with a towel.

3. Treat Hangnails

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If you have any hangnails, cut them off using the special nippers.

4. Apply Cuticle Oil

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This would not be done on the same day as steps 1, 2 and 3. This step should be added to any procedure that you follow when doing a manicure.

Brush some cuticle oil over each of your manicured nails. The oil serves two purposes: It smoothes dry cuticles and keeps your manicure looking fresh.

If you hesitate to spend money on any of these, be prepared to accept the occasional annoyance of a broken cuticle. If you like to polish your nails, make note of how you can derive an added benefit from a cuticle tip. You can correct a mistake by wrapping some cotton on that stick and then dipping the cotton-wrapped stick in nail polish remover.

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