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Basketball Nails That'll Get You Pumped for March Madness ...

By Eliza

March Madness is the end of basketball season and is a time for all the college teams to compete for the top spot. If you're a basketball fan and are waiting with bated breath for the festivities to get going, try some basketball nail art. It's perfect now and can carry you through the March basketball season. Have fun!

1 Basketball Texture

Basketball TextureSource: Chalkboard Nails - Basketball Nails!

2 Basketballs on Every Nail

Basketballs on Every NailSource: Basketball Nail Art!


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3 Nothing but Net

Nothing but NetSource:

4 Bright Orange

Bright OrangeSource: Basketball Nails

5 Jump Shot

Jump ShotSource:

6 Team Spirit

Team SpiritSource: Thunder Basketball Nails - Nail

7 Basketball Jersey

Basketball JerseySource:

8 Initials of Your Team

Initials of Your TeamSource: March Madness Manicures: Cheer On

9 Ncaa March Madness

Ncaa March MadnessSource: NAIL ART I <3

10 Basketball Style

Basketball StyleSource: ThePolishHoochie: Let's Go Orange

11 Swoosh!

Swoosh!Source: Ishah x Beauty: Check out

12 Use Some Nail Decals

Use Some Nail DecalsSource: March Madness Themed Bachelorette Party

13 Team Colors

Team ColorsSource: Michelle Nails

14 Go All out

Go All outSource: Amber did it!: Geaux Tigers!

15 Favorite Player

Favorite PlayerSource: 10 Jersey Nail Art Ideas

16 You Need to Have Some Glitter

You Need to Have Some GlitterSource: 10 Jersey Nail Art Ideas

17 Sparkly Basketballs

Sparkly BasketballsSource: Beauty&thelook: July 2014

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