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21 Fun Sponge Nail Art Ideas for Girls Who Are Bored ...

By Eliza

The coolest new way to sponge your nails is to apply the color to a make-up wedge, then press it firmly against each nail. This is great for keeping each color in the right place if you want an ombre look instead of a mish mash of random colors all over your nails. Need some inspiration? Here's all the motivation you need to create a fabulous sponged nail art design on your own nails.

1 Tie Dye Nails

color,pink,nail,finger,red, Easy nail designs!Cool Polish

2 Sponged French Manicure

Lulus,finger,nail,beauty,nail polish, Mani Monday: White Ombre Nail

3 Perfect Neon Tips

color,nail,finger,nail polish,pink,

4 Sponge the Background, then Add the Shadows

nail,finger,color,pink,nail care, Summer Nail Art: Sunset Palm

5 DIY Ombre Nails

blue,finger,nail,hand,fashion accessory, 9 Beautiful Nail Art Ideas

6 Sponged Mermaid Nails

food,produce,pattern,acrylic,WINNER!, Makeup Tutorials 32 Amazing Manicure

7 Remember, Make Sure to Apply Top Coat as Fast as Possible to Blend the Colors

color,nail,finger,purple,nail care, 10 Colored Nails You Must

8 Beautiful Cherry Red Sponge over

color,nail,pink,finger,nail polish,

9 Rainbow Sponge Mani

color,nail,finger,pink,nail care,

10 Swirl the Polish a Little to Blend the Colors

color,pink,finger,nail,lip, 22 Easy Nail Tutorials

11 Use a Shiny Top Coat for Lots of Glimmer

color,pink,purple,finger,nail, Nail Designs

12 Sponged Stencil Lines

color,purple,violet,blue,pink, 5 Awesome Nail Designs

13 Rainbow Sponge Design

color,finger,nail,yellow,hand, 17 Rainbow Nail Designs You

14 All the Best Neon Colors

color,nail,nail polish,finger,nail care, D.I.Y Ombre Nails

15 Irish Flag Sponge Art

nail,color,finger,green,nail polish, 旅行好きなら株主優待券で少しでもお得な旅をしよう!

16 Sponging with Water Marbling

China Glaze,color,nail polish,nail care,nail,

17 Sponge on Some Glitter

nail polish,nail care,finger,nail,hand, Nail Art: Going Baroque

18 Make Them Super Sparkly

color,nail,pink,finger,nail care, top 120 nail art designs

19 Dark to Light at the Tips

color,nail,finger,blue,nail polish, Nadia Alicia (@allnailseverything) • Instagram

20 Sponged on Polka Dots

color,pink,nail,finger,purple, Inspired Gradient Polka Dot Nail

21 Gradient Heart Cutout Design

nail,finger,pink,lip,hand, 26 Ridiculously Sweet Valentine's Day
Which idea do you love best? Do you have any tips for getting sponge nail art just right?

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