9 Ahh-Mazing 😱 Pieces of Minimalist 👌🏼 Nail Art 💅🏼 ...

You don't have to decorate your nails elaborately in order to look flawless. You can do something simple instead and look just as amazing. According to Fashion Magazine, here are a few minimalist nail designs:

1. Polka Dots

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If you have black and white polish, this is an easy look to pull off.

2. Triangles

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Add some tiny triangles at the bottom of your natural nails.

3. Straight Lines

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Paint a single line in the middle of each of your nails.

4. Divided

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This is a great way to add a tiny pop of color to your nails.

5. Outlines

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Paint the corners of each nail and leave the middle alone.

6. Sides

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Paint the sides of your nail a different color than the center of your nail.

7. Circles

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Just put a dot of paint on the bottom of each nail.

8. Criss Crossed

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Criss cross your polish over each other for this artistic look.

9. Horizontal Lines

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This one is super simple, so anyone could do it!

Which one of these designs is your favorite?

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