Show off Your Wild Side with These Animal Print Nails ...


Show off Your Wild Side with These Animal Print Nails ...
Show off Your Wild Side with These Animal Print Nails ...

Animal print has been popular for a long time and it probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If you're not ready to go all out with the wild stuff, consider giving it a try on your nails. Nail art is trending big time and since it's probably here to stay for a while too, combine it with animal print for a spot on look that will get you loads of compliments.

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Perfect Cheetah Print

Perfect Cheetah Print Source:


Pastel Prints

Pastel Prints Source: animal print nails Archives


Each One a Little Different

Each One a Little Different Source: YouTube


Look at All That Color

Look at All That Color Source: 15 Animal Print Nail Ideas


How about Some Neon?

How about Some Neon? Source: Leopard Nail Art Tutorial


Fantastic Zebra

Fantastic Zebra Source: 40 Animal Print Nail Art


A Little Bit of Glitter

A Little Bit of Glitter Source: Blinged Out Leopard - China


How Adorable!

How Adorable! Source: Creative animal print nails


Try Bright Red

Try Bright Red Source: 25 Zebra Print Nails Design


Ombre Effect

Ombre Effect Source: 40 Leopard Print Nail Art


Gold and Shiny

Gold and Shiny Source: Day 13 of the 30


Colored Spots

Colored Spots Source: GIRL POST #9 - Leopard


Colorful Zebra

Colorful Zebra Source: Cheetah print nail design >


Purple and Pink

Purple and Pink Source: Animal Print Nail Art


A Pop of Red

A Pop of Red Source: Nails by Kayla Shevonne: Tutorial


Lots of Pink

Lots of Pink Source: Pink Glitter Leopard Print Nail


Check out This Peachy Color

Check out This Peachy Color Source: Neon Leopard Print Nails Inspired


Black and Silver

Black and Silver Source: 2015 Creative Animal Print Nails


Neon and Nude

Neon and Nude Source: Neon & Nude Leopard Print


Something Really Different

Something Really Different Source: Nail Designs Animal Print Nail


Totally Perfect

Totally Perfect Source: So You Beauty - Cute

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The purple and pink together looks simple and tasteful.

The one with the eyes

These are the cutest nails ever!!

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