Show off Your Wild Side with These Animal Print Nails ...

By Eliza

Show off Your Wild Side with These Animal Print Nails ...

Animal print has been popular for a long time and it probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If you're not ready to go all out with the wild stuff, consider giving it a try on your nails. Nail art is trending big time and since it's probably here to stay for a while too, combine it with animal print for a spot on look that will get you loads of compliments.

Table of contents:

  1. perfect cheetah print
  2. pastel prints
  3. each one a little different
  4. look at all that color
  5. how about some neon?
  6. fantastic zebra
  7. a little bit of glitter
  8. how adorable!
  9. try bright red
  10. ombre effect
  11. gold and shiny
  12. colored spots
  13. colorful zebra
  14. purple and pink
  15. a pop of red
  16. lots of pink
  17. check out this peachy color
  18. black and silver
  19. neon and nude
  20. something really different
  21. totally perfect

1 Perfect Cheetah Print

Perfect Cheetah Print Source:

2 Pastel Prints

Pastel Prints Source: animal print nails Archives

3 Each One a Little Different

Each One a Little Different Source: YouTube

4 Look at All That Color

Look at All That Color Source: 15 Animal Print Nail Ideas

5 How about Some Neon?

How about Some Neon? Source: Leopard Nail Art Tutorial

6 Fantastic Zebra

Fantastic Zebra Source: 40 Animal Print Nail Art

7 A Little Bit of Glitter

A Little Bit of Glitter Source: Blinged Out Leopard - China

8 How Adorable!

How Adorable! Source: Creative animal print nails

9 Try Bright Red

Try Bright Red Source: 25 Zebra Print Nails Design

10 Ombre Effect

Ombre Effect Source: 40 Leopard Print Nail Art

11 Gold and Shiny

Gold and Shiny Source: Day 13 of the 30

12 Colored Spots

Colored Spots Source: GIRL POST #9 - Leopard

13 Colorful Zebra

Colorful Zebra Source: Cheetah print nail design >

14 Purple and Pink

Purple and Pink Source: Animal Print Nail Art

15 A Pop of Red

A Pop of Red Source: Nails by Kayla Shevonne: Tutorial

16 Lots of Pink

Lots of Pink Source: Pink Glitter Leopard Print Nail

17 Check out This Peachy Color

Check out This Peachy Color Source: Neon Leopard Print Nails Inspired

18 Black and Silver

Black and Silver Source: 2015 Creative Animal Print Nails

19 Neon and Nude

Neon and Nude Source: Neon & Nude Leopard Print

20 Something Really Different

Something Really Different Source: Nail Designs Animal Print Nail

21 Totally Perfect

Totally Perfect Source: So You Beauty - Cute

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