11 Helpful Tips on How to Make Your Nails Dry Faster ...

With only so many hours in the day, there’s a high probability that you often yearn to figure out ways to minimize your time with even the most mundane (but necessary) tasks, such as how to make your nails dry faster. Although patience is a virtue, we women-on-the-go don’t always have the time (or patience) to ensure that our nails are completely dry before it’s time to get on with the day. While a fabulous nail color or design will surely make you stand out in a great way, having smudged or smeared nails will likely warrant some unwanted side-eyes and attention. So, before you pick up that new nail polish color, take a look at these helpful tips on how to make your nails dry faster.

1. Hair Dryer

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Curious to know how to make your nails dry faster with a simple beauty tool you probably already have handy? Cue the hair dryer. When someone finally told me about this tip, my first thought was "Why didn’t I think of that?!" Possibly the most effective way of drying your nails faster, a standard hair dryer is the perfect tool for keeping pesky nicks and smudges from ruining your freshly painted nails. Set your hair dryer to its lowest or coolest setting and be sure not to get too close. A standing hair dryer contraption works best, but if you don’t have one, use caution when drying each hand.

2. Cold Water

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As crazy as it sounds, this age old tip does the trick every time. Paint your nails with your favorite color then submerge your hands in (or under) cold water. Allow your nails to dry in front of a fan for a couple of minutes, add a top coat, and then repeat the cold water-fan process. Use your best judgment to determine how many times you need to repeat these steps before your nails are fully dry.

3. Stick Them in the Freezer

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If you don't have time to soak your hands in cold water, a quicker method (but also more painful method) is to stick them in the freezer. Your hands will get really cold, but just try to think about how much time you're saving by freezing your nail polish instead of air drying it!

4. Blow

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This is the classic, woman-made method of drying your nails. Use your own wind power to blow on your nails until they dry. You can do this as you walk around your house, or in the car, as long as you're wary of touching things! It's the perfect method for multitasking!

5. OPI Drip Dry Drops

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While one of least creative ways to dry your nails, the OPI Drip Dry Drops (try saying that 5 times fast) are still somewhat effective in drying your nails faster. After applying your final top coat, apply a small drop on each nail and then place your hands in front of a fan. Unfortunately, these drops don’t magically dry your nails within seconds. Instead, they help speed up the process and thus, work best in conjunction with other drying methods. For me, the drops are most effective when combined with one of the other methods, such as using the hair dryer.

6. Use a Thinner Coat

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This is a little bit obvious, but still worth stating! If you want your nails to dry faster, simply use less nail polish. A thinner coat invariably dries faster than a thick coat. So if you can get it on evenly and make it look opaque with less layers, do!

7. Pam Cooking Spray

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Think Pam is only good for helping you cleanly remove your birthday cakes from their cake pans? Think again. Similar to a quick dry nail spray, the oil/butter in Pam helps boost your nail drying time. Be careful not to hold the spray TOO close to your nails and only spray a small amount. Most importantly, be sure to stay away from animals and hungry humans to minimize the likelihood of having your fingers mistaken for a sweet treat. *wink

8. Hold Your Hands out the Window or Sunroof of Your Car

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Alright, it’s a little ridiculous, I know. But if you generally get your nails painted at a salon and hate waiting forever under the fancy dryers, rotating your hands out of a car window or sunroof is the perfect way to get your nails dry every time. If you struggle controlling your vehicle with one hand, I do NOT under ANY circumstance recommend this method. However, if you’re an old pro when it comes to one-hand driving and only have to drive a short distance (or are being chauffeured around), I highly recommend letting your fingers catch the breeze for some quick drying. If it’s winter time, try turning up the heat in your car and rotating your hands in front of the car vents.

9. Air Duster

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With this method, be sure to hold the air duster a substantial distance from each hand and brace yourself for the ice cold that is the air from an air duster. If you have a roommate or family member handy, it may be beneficial to let them "air dust" your lovely fingers, rather than risking the likelihood of ruining either hand.

10. Quick Drying Top Coat

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Another less than creative method for drying your nails is the well-known quick drying top coat. Although quick drying polishes and top coats rank among my least favorite polishes, they often get the job done if you’re looking to switch up your nail polish without missing a beat in your daily schedule.

11. Baby Oil

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Soaking your fingers in baby oil for two minutes after painting your nails sounds strange, but is actually effective! Not only does it soften your skin, it also dries your nail polish quickly!

The best way to dry your nails will always be time. However, every girl who frequently paints her nails knows that time is not always on our side. Hopefully these tips help decrease the time it takes to dry your nails while encouraging you to try more colors on a regular basis with the time you’ll save drying them. Do you have any helpful tips for drying your nails faster?

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