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39 Gorgeous Nail Hacks to Simplify Your Polishing Needs ...

By Lisa

Did you know that there are so many cool nail hacks that can help make painting your nails so much easier? Getting a set of perfectly painted nails isn’t easy for everyone so I’m always happy to see some shortcuts and fun workarounds to get the job done without all of the frustration! With these clever nail hacks, you can achieve cute nail art, learn how to apply nail polish the way the pros do and so much more!

1 Clean up Mistakes

Aquaphor,blue,beauty,skin,advertising,Source: 27 Nail Hacks For The ...
Here's one of the clever nail hacks you'll want to remember. Apply some Aquaphor around your nail and wipe off any mistakes.

2 GLITTER Nail Polish DIY

Youthline,green,product,skin,bottle,Source: 32 Easy Nail Art Hacks ...
Turn any clear polish into glitter polish by mixing it with craft glitter or eye shadow.

3 Matte Nails DIY

nail polish,nail care,pink,finger,violet,Source: New for Fall: Matte Nail ...
Add cornstarch to clear nail polish and get an instant matte top coat.

4 Easy Polka Dots

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,nail polish,Source: 32 Easy Nail Art Hacks ...
Create easy dots by using the tip of a bobby pin.

5 Dot Grid Trick

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Use this dot grid trick to create perfect zig zag nail art!

6 Nail Polish Pairings Chart

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Don't know what polishes to wear for your mani-pedi? Consult this guide for the perfect color combo.

7 Pro Manicure Guide

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Follow this guide to apply nail polish like a pro.

8 Prevent Smudges

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Spray your nails with cooking oil to prevent smudges.

9 Nail Soak

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Soak your nails in white vinegar and water before you paint your nails for longer lasting color.

10 Pencil Trick

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Get a waxy eye or lip pencil to pick up little jewels and apply to nails.

11 Easy Fishnet Mani

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Take apart a part of a loofah and use the netting to achieve a fishnet mani.

12 Nail Whitening

Bijouteria,purple,violet,finger,pink,Source: 27 Nail Hacks For The ...
Combine hot water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and soak nails for a minute.

13 Quick Dry Trick

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Run your nails under cold water once they're dry to the touch to speed up the remaining dry time.

14 Gel Nail Hack

Leadenhall Capital Partners,nail polish,nail care,product,perfume,Source: 20 Nail Hacks, Tips and ...
Use Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps, No Chip Top Coat and your fave nail polish for gel nails without the salon.

LML Gel nail hack? Isn’t that the same as just using ...

15 Nail Polish Thinning

nail polish,nail care,hand,cosmetics,lotion,Source: 27 Nail Hacks For The ...
Use nail polish thinner to revive old or thick nail polish.

16 French Manicure Trick

Hat,finger,hand,writing,Comv,Source: 33 Easy Nail Hacks For ...
Use a rubber band as a guide for a perfect French tip.

17 Glitter Fade

nail,finger,nail care,nail polish,manicure,Source: Hair, skin and nails
Use this guide to create a pretty glittery, faded look on nails.

18 Easy Heart Design

pink,heart,petal,organ,shape,Source: MANI MONDAY
Use the tip of a toothpick and create dots to make a perfect heart.

19 Water Marbling Tampon Trick

Bhupinder Singh,pink,finger,nail,lip,Source: 32 Easy Nail Art Hacks ...
Use a tampon for a less messy water marbling manicure.

20 DIY Nail Dotting Tool

finger,hand,make,your,own,Source: 33 Easy Nail Hacks For ...
Learn how to make your own nail dotting tool with pencils!

21 How to Apply Glitter Polish

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Dab the first coat of glitter polish instead of brushing it on to help evenly distribute glitter.

22 Avoid Nail Polish Stains

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If you have fair skin, apply a thick hand cream before removing nail polish to avoid staining on your hands.

23 Glitter Nail Pen Hack

nail,finger,nail care,orange,pink,Source: 32 Easy Nail Art Hacks ...
If you want to dress up your French manicure or cover up uneven lines, use a glitter pen and draw a stripe on the tip.

24 Remove Glitter Polish

Curad,product,food,hand,nail,Source: Nails by Design: Running in ...
Easily remove glitter nail polish with foil.

25 Smoother Nail Polish

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Put your nail polish the in fridge 15 minutes before you use it for a smoother application.

26 Prevent Mistakes

Elmer's Glue,finger,nail,skin,hand,Source: 33 Easy Nail Hacks For ...
Apply a coat of Elmer's glue to the area around your nails to catch any mistakes. Peel it off at the end to reveal a perfect manicure.

27 Broken Nail Fix

nail,finger,footwear,leg,manicure,Source: Not Found
Guide to fix a broken nail with tape.

28 Nail Shapes

face,lip,nose,finger,eye,Source: DIY Manicure/Nail Stuff
Learn nail shapes and names.

29 Sharpie Nail Art

nail,finger,nail care,blue,manicure,Source: 33 Easy Nail Hacks For ...
Use a fine-tipped Sharpie to create easy nail art.

30 Glue Peel-off Top Coat

Elmer's Glue,color,finger,nail,nail care,Source: 33 Easy Nail Hacks For ...
Apply a thin coat of glue to your nails before you paint them to easily remove glitter nail polish.

31 Fast Dry Nails

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Soak your nails in ice water to dry your freshly painted nails in three minutes.

32 Ombre Nail Hack

color,pink,finger,nail,lip,Source: ♡B e a u t ...
Get easy ombre nails with a makeup sponge!

33 Fix Smudged Polish

color,nail,finger,pink,face,Source: 33 Easy Nail Hacks For ...
Lightly lick a smudged nail to smooth out the smudge.

Suzi Is Not a good idea! There are better ways to fix ...

34 Glowing Nails

Life Hacks,human action,finger,nail,hand,Source: Check out this life hack!
Break a glowstick and add it to clear nail polish for glowing nail polish.

35 How to File Your Nails

face,cheek,eyebrow,nose,finger,Source: 15 Important Tips For Having ...
File your nails in one direction to prevent tears.

36 Red Nail Polish by Skin Tone

font,product,diagram,brand,design,Source: 20 Nail Hacks, Tips and ...
Find the best red nail polish for your skin tone.

37 Broken Nail Fix

finger,eyebrow,nail,nose,hand,Source: 33 Easy Nail Hacks For ...
Use part of a teabag to fix a broken nail.

38 DIY Cuticle Cure

product,finger,hand,brand,Do-it-Yourself,Source: 15 Important Tips For Having ...
Make an overnight cuticle treatment with olive oil and cocoa butter.

39 Prevent Sharpie Manicure from Smearing

Shirt,product,skin,bottle,perfume,Source: The Secret to Keep Your ...
Lightly mist your nails with hairspray before applying a topcoat to Sharpie nail art.

Now you know a bunch of tips and tricks to achieve the perfect manicure! Do you have a favorite nail hack?

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