7 Foolproof Tips for Perfect Nail Decals Every Time ...


7 Foolproof Tips for Perfect Nail Decals Every Time ...
7 Foolproof Tips for Perfect Nail Decals Every Time ...

Full nail decals are all the rage right now. Have you noticed? The truth is that I’m not very good at getting them to look decent, so I went on the hunt to find some expert tips and tricks for making sure my nail decals don’t look like I let my preschooler put them on for me. I am going to share what I found out with you so you too can get the nail art of your dreams. You’re welcome.

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Start with Bare Nails

I know it can be tempting to apply your nail decals on top of a coat of polish, but most of the experts say the process works better and lasts longer if you start with polish free nails. If you’re using full nail decals that mimic nail polish, this won’t matter because the decal will cover your whole nail. Remove all nail polish before getting started and you’ll be even happier with the results.



Full nail decals come shaped like your fingernails, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be the exact fit. In fact, it’s pretty rare that you won’t have to trim them up a bit. Before you peel the backing off the decals, pre-measure them. You can do the precision work after they’re applied, but if you have a decal that’s way too big, you can do a preliminary trim to make it easier to get it right.


Start at Your Cuticle

This is the best way to get a smooth finish and it also lets you work bubbles to the tip of your nail so you don’t have any imperfections under the decal. Press the decal firmly at your cuticle and slowly and carefully smooth it upward toward the end of your finger. This is best done with your fingertips.


Grab Your Nail Scissors

Now that you’ve gotten the nail decals applied, you can do the rest of the trimming work so they look natural. Carefully snip any of the decal that is sticking off the edges of your fingernails. Be careful not to work too quickly or you might wind up chopping off too much of the decal, which means starting over.


File Your Nails

Once you’re done trimming, use a file on the ends of your nails. This helps remove any excess decal that could get snagged, which can damage the decal. Gently file each of your nails in one direction until the nail decal is even with the tips of your fingernail.


Use Some Heat

Many experts swear by using heat on nail decals. It helps them adhere to your nail, which means getting the best fit possible. Try blasting your nails with your hair dryer for a couple of seconds to set the decals. If you have one that isn’t stretching to fit very well, some heat can help you manipulate it.


Seal with Clear Polish

You don’t have to do this step, but many professional nail artists promise better results if you do. Apply a thin coat of clear polish over the decal to seal it and make it last longer. Make sure you wait until the polish dries before you do anything or you run the risk of messing up your decals.

Do you use nail decals? I haven’t had the best of luck with them. Do you have any other tips and tricks to share?

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