Check out This Valentines Day Nail Art Inspiration ...

By Jennifer

Check out  This Valentines Day  Nail Art  Inspiration  ...

All you need is love... and a little Valentine's Day nail art inspo! Here's hoping one of these ideas will inspire you to be a little more romantic this Valentine's Day.

Table of contents:

  1. ombre
  2. hearts
  3. negative space
  4. washi tape heart
  5. sexy scalloped nails
  6. stripes & roses
  7. heart-beat
  8. precious gems
  9. gold & silver chevron
  10. geometric gradient
  11. red-to-black matte ombre
  12. fun florals
  13. sweet strawberries
  14. mad about plaid
  15. black cats
  16. colorful crayons
  17. floral accent nail
  18. fun geometrics
  19. sweet sprinkles
  20. red tiger stripes
  21. paint-spatter nails

1 Ombre

Ombre Source: Nail Art How-To: Sparkly Pink

2 Hearts

Hearts Source: 20 Ridiculously Cute Valentine’s Day

3 Negative Space

Negative Space Source: 20 Ridiculously Cute Valentine’s Day

4 Washi Tape Heart

Washi Tape Heart Source: Top 10 Romantic Nail Tutorials

5 Sexy Scalloped Nails

Sexy Scalloped Nails Source: The One Trick You Need

6 Stripes & Roses

Stripes & Roses Source: 36 Easy Nail Art Tutorials

7 Heart-Beat

Heart-Beat Source: 15+ Easy Step By Step

8 Precious Gems

Precious Gems Source: Pinterest

9 Gold & Silver Chevron

Gold & Silver Chevron Source: Pinterest
Maybe gold and red? Or silver and pink?

10 Geometric Gradient

Geometric Gradient Source: Pinterest
Do these from red to pink... gorgeous!

11 Red-to-Black Matte Ombre

Red-to-Black Matte Ombre Source: Pinterest

12 Fun Florals

Fun Florals Source: Pinterest

13 Sweet Strawberries

Sweet Strawberries Source: Pinterest

14 Mad about Plaid

Mad about Plaid Source: Pinterest
These would be pretty in pink with silver, too.

15 Black Cats

Black Cats Source: Pinterest
For the crazy cat ladies in the back.

16 Colorful Crayons

Colorful Crayons Source: Pinterest
Do these all in red and pink, or all pink with red accent nails!

17 Floral Accent Nail

Floral Accent Nail Source: Pinterest
Do these with pink and red, and you're set!

18 Fun Geometrics

Fun Geometrics Source: Pinterest
Again, a simple color swap to red and pink, and these are ideal for Valentine's Day.

19 Sweet Sprinkles

Sweet Sprinkles Source: Pinterest

20 Red Tiger Stripes

Red Tiger Stripes Source: Pinterest

21 Paint-spatter Nails

Paint-spatter Nails Source: Pinterest
Do these in pink and red, maybe with silver or gold, too?

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