7 Tips to Growing Long Nails Fast ...


7 Tips to Growing Long Nails Fast  ...
7 Tips to Growing Long Nails Fast  ...

If you want to grow long fabulous nails, you know all the struggles that go along with it. You break one and then they look uneven. Or one nail grows so much faster than all the others. Whatever your particular challenge, there are some easy things you can do to get your nails as long as you want them without putting in a ton of time or effort. Check out these tips and get ready for the manicure of your dreams.

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Massage Your Nail Beds for Seconds Each Day

All it takes is about 15 seconds worth of finger massage to get those nails growing. Spend about this much on each of your nail beds and in just a couple of minutes you’ll be well on your way to the results you crave. When you massage your nail beds, you stimulate the blood flow to the area, which keeps each of your nails healthy, something that aids in speedy growth.


Eat the Right Foods on a Daily Basis

Nails are made up of keratin, a substance that relies on an adequate amount of protein to produce. If you lack in the protein intake, you could have thin, brittle nails that break easily. Beef up your diet (pun intended), with some meat. That could be steak, chicken, fish or turkey. You can also get protein from dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt, which also ups your calcium intake. Calcium is another nutrient your nails rely on for growth.


Hydrate Your Nails with a Good Moisturizer

Nails are basically a form of skin, which means they rely on proper hydration to stay well-nourished and healthy. When you apply lotion to your hands, pay a little bit of attention to your nails at the same time. This is super easy to do and you’ll love the results.


Wear a Strength Polish on Your Nails

Even if you don’t like color on your nails, you can brush in a clear coat of strengthening polish. If you do like color, use the clear as a base coat. This polish is designed to help your nails withstand the things that can usually make them break. Plus, it offers protection against dings that could damage your long nails.


Wear Gloves when Your Hands Are in the Water

I’m not talking about when you shower or go for a swim. But when you wash dishes or hand wash your laundry, a pair of gloves will keep your nails from getting waterlogged, which keeps them healthy. Likewise, wear your gloves when you use cleaning supplies to keep the chemicals from damaging your nails.


File in Only One Direction

According to nail experts, filing your nails back and forth weakens the ends of them and makes them more prone to breakage. When you file a broken or split nail, do so in only one direction. That way as the nail grows back out, it isn’t as likely to get broken as it would be otherwise.


See a Doctor if You’re Having a Nail Issue

There are several health reasons that could be causing your nails to break so they aren’t the long gorgeous ones you want. If you notice white spots on your nails, they are ridged or you have a fungus, see your doctor to treat the issue. With proper treatment, you can get back to growing them out in no time.



Eating protein-rich foods is a great way to get your nails to grow but it's more than that; other vitamins are essential to nail growth as well including biotin, Vitamin E, and fish oil. Take an OTC supplement such as a hair, skin, and nails to help strengthen and grow your nails.


Stop Biting

This one seems obvious but it's more than just stopping biting the nail, you need to stop biting the nail bed. Biting too rough can cause fractures under the nail which will cause them to break easier later on.


Lay off the Polish

If you're like me then you need polish in order to not bite, however, suffocating your nails too much with polish and not giving them a break will result in ridges and breakage.


DIY Treatments

You can literally find anything on the web-including home remedies for faster and stronger nail growth. Try a good soak recipe, if it doesn't grow your nails it could always become a nice relaxing ritual. :)

What secrets can you share for growing long nails?

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