7 Unique Nail Colors Sure to Get Attention ...


7 Unique Nail Colors Sure to Get Attention ...
7 Unique Nail Colors Sure to Get Attention ...

I always strive to find new nail polish colors, but with so many to choose from, I usually get tired of looking and miss all the unique nail colors. Recently though, I have found a few that get my nails attention everywhere I go. Stepping outside of the usual pinks and reds is worth it if you can try something that looks great and isn’t like everyone else’s nail polish. Let’s push our common polishes to the side for these unique nail colors.

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Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue This saturated tint of blue is sure to get your nails the attention they deserve! It's one of my all-time favorite unique nail colors. It is not too bright, but it is far from dull, being able to stand alone without any designs or nail art. It’s really chic, unlike other shades of blue which tend to have a dull look. Layer it twice so that it will shine and last longer.


Glitter Gold

Glitter Gold When has gold NOT gotten attention? Gold always catches the eyes of others, but when you mix it with glitter it is sure to win over anyone who might not like gold. Recently I have become obsessed with adding a layer of glitter polish on top of plain polish. It makes it look so much better with hardly any effort. If you aren’t very creative with nail art, try a little gold and glitter.


Multi-Color Glitter

Multi-Color Glitter Multi-color glitter polish looks great on top of any color. If you aren’t willing to go outside of your usual nail color then just add glitter. Since it is multi-colored it will look great with any polish color, including black. This makes your polish unique because you can pair it with any color and still be chic.


Mood Changing Polish

Mood Changing Polish Mood changing polish will catch attention simply because it changes colors depending on your mood. If someone notices that your polish was just gray, but has changed to blue they will wonder how it happened. I’m still trying to figure out how someone made polish that changes colors on its own! If you want mood changing polish that really works though you will have to invest some money because the cheap ones don’t work well.



Crackle Crackle is my least favorite kind of polish, but people love the look. I think it has something to do with the fact that you can layer polishes. There is no need to add a design on top of this polish because crackle is a design itself. When you put it on it dries with cracks in it allowing you to see nail, or another polish underneath. Try it out. You might catch the fever everyone else has for it.


Sun Changing Polish

Sun Changing Polish This polish is unique because it will literally change colors before your eyes. As soon as the sun hits it, it changes, not slightly, but a complete different color. This polish is relatively inexpensive for one that changes. It is much better than the mood changing polish, because it transforms instantly and actually works every time.


Neon Polishes

Neon Polishes You will definitely catch people looking if you dress your nails in neon colors. You can stay within your favorite nail color, just going brighter to spice things up a bit. I wear neon when I want to be flashy, and it serves its purpose. You can even find neon polish that glows in the dark, so you can even get noticed in dark spaces.

The discovery of these polishes has forced me out of my usual shades of pinks and reds. There’s nothing wrong with venturing; if you don’t like it grab your nail polish remover and try a different color. What nail polishes do you plan to experiment with?

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I love mixing colours, specially my favourite colour would be a mix of blue and purple it's magical, what do you call it?

I just came back from Aruba, and bought Del Sol nail polish. I was happily surprised it was only $10. Changes from a great blue to a purple

Neon looks sexy on tanned skin

An eye catching color for me is plain white, It's so typical to see french tips but I barely see people paint their whole nail white.

I like the multi- color glitter ;)

That neon is cool! I love the multi color glitter also!!!

Blue polish is my absolute favorite!!! It's so pretty and fun! I'm obsessed with bright blues,their so fun and vibrant

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