7 Healthy Nail Polish Brands ...


7 Healthy Nail Polish Brands ...
7 Healthy Nail Polish Brands ...

The more ethically conscious we all become, the more we as a makeup buying population want to be more responsible about the kinds of products that we are purchasing and using. When you are super young and experimenting with your looks, it’s all about just getting whatever makeup you think looks best or even what is cheapest, but when you mature a little, you start to see that that shouldn’t be the only factor. Here are seven healthy nail polish brands that are completely non-toxic.

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Sundays Nail Polish

This is a socially responsible nail polish brand that actually goes above and beyond the recognised ‘5-free’ trend - it is actually free of TEN harmful toxins, plus it’s cruelty-free and vegan. The polish delivers amazing colour and long-lasting shine and strength.


Londontown Lakur

This is free from nine bad toxins and is also infused with botanicals like rapeseed flower and primrose to give a really moisturizing and strengthening finish. It also contains chamomile, vitamins A, E, and B7, and has a great range of colour options.


Zoya Professional Lacquer

This brand offers a fantastic and wide range of colours - sensationally over 300 choices that are all 5-free! You are now free to enjoy the likes of ‘gold flecked olive green’ safe in the knowledge that you have a great healthy nail polish on your hands!


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer

Yet another 5-free option, this was the first ethical and toxin-free polish to offer really bold, vibrant and creative colours beyond the typical reds and nudes that were previously all we had to choose from. Important also is the fact that all the brand’s polishes are 100 percent cruelty-free and vegan.


Tenorverten Nail Polish

This is an 8-free line of polishes that offers pretty much everything you could ever want in a brand! They specialise in timeless shades with a smooth and easy application. They are super long wearing and stay shiny for an almost record breaking time!


RMS Beauty Nail Polish

This is cult favourite brand that now has lots of things to offer for those who are dedicated to non toxic alternatives. Their finger lacquers are just as pigmented as their makeup counterparts, and they glide on super easily without the risk of streaking.


Orly Breathable Treatment + Color

Orly makes some really amazing permeable polishes that help your nails to breathe when they are covered in product. The extra oxygen helps to keep your nails hydrated, and the strong vitamin B5 and argan oil content really adds multiple benefits.

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