Most Nutritious Foods for Healthy Nails ...


Most Nutritious Foods for Healthy Nails ...
Most Nutritious Foods for Healthy Nails ...

Are you wondering about the most nutritious foods for healthy nails? It would be fair to say that, at this point, we are all pretty clued in on what kinds of foods give the best nutritional benefits for overall body fitness and health. Have you ever, though, taken a second to consider whether you know enough specifically about what kinds of foods you should be eating in order to keep your nails as healthy as possible? Nail health is something that isn’t talked about as much as it should be, so start here with a list of the most nutritious foods for healthy nails.

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Biotin is one of the best nutrients for nails. This is a type of vitamin, also known as vitamin H, that can be found in foods like eggs, whole grains, fish, legumes and nuts. It increases the production of keratin in your body, which is a major component of your hair, skin and nails.



As well know, protein can be found in large quantities in chicken, eggs, seeds and dairy products, and it is another source for encouraging the production rate of keratin in your body. The more keratin, the healthier the nails.


Nettle Tea

The use of nettle tea for health reasons can be dated all the way back to ancient civilization. It is loaded with essential minerals that your body needs for the regeneration of your nails. You can easily make your own nettle tea by boiling a tablespoon of dry nettle leaves in a cup of water. You only need a single cup every other day for positive results.



Tomatoes are high in plenty of different things including water, vitamin C, vitamin A, B17 and vitamin H. All of these are essential components for your body, helping your nails to grow and function properly and also preventing diseases from attacking the surrounding areas.

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