See Why Shattered Glass Nails Are the Next Big Trend ...


See Why Shattered Glass Nails Are the Next Big Trend ...
See Why Shattered Glass Nails Are the Next Big Trend ...

The world of nail art is always trending and new things are always happening. Shattered glass is the trend of the moment and I think you are going to totally love how it looks. Next time you're searching for some new nail art, try these ideas. I guarantee that you will get tons of compliments.

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Silver and Black

Silver and Black You can never go wrong with black and silver shattered glass nail art.


Pink and Shiny

Pink and Shiny Want something a little more girly? This is the answer!


Holographic Shimmer

Holographic Shimmer This subtle design is a fun way to ease into the shattered glass nail art.


Holographic Shimmer is a great way to get into the trend of shattered glass nails without going too overboard. The subtle design features a mix of iridescent glitter and holographic flakes, creating a unique and eye-catching look. It's also a great way to add a little sparkle to your nails without overwhelming the look. The glitter and flakes can be applied with a top coat or gel polish, and the design can be customized to your preference. Shattered glass nails are a great way to add a touch of glamour to your look, and this holographic shimmer design is the perfect way to get started.


Black and Red

Black and Red Isn't this cool?


Super Metallic

Super Metallic Doesn't this look awesome?


On a Couple of Nails

On a Couple of Nails If you don't want to go all out with the shattered glass, try doing it on just a couple of nails.


Navy Blue and Silver

Navy Blue and Silver Would you do this kind of nail art?


Super Sophisticated

Super Sophisticated This is a shattered glass look you could totally do for the office.


Green Flecks on Black

Green Flecks on Black Isn't this a stunning look?


Just Silver

Just Silver All silver is a great choice for shattered glass nail art.


Super Shiny

Super Shiny I can't get over how shiny this look is.


This Looks Really Cool

This Looks Really Cool I love this, don't you?


Total Bling

Total Bling Where would you go with nails that look as great as these?


Add a Little Charm

Add a Little Charm The little crown adds so much to this look, don't you think?


Gold on Black

Gold on Black Black and gold is a look you can never go wrong with.


Try Some Fun Purple

Try Some Fun Purple Shattered glass nail art can absolutely be fun colors like purple.


Lots of Texture

Lots of Texture Would you ever do something like this?


Shattered Mirror

Shattered Mirror It's easy to see why this look is so trendy.


Neutral Polish

Neutral Polish This look is probably my absolute favorite!


It Looks like Stained Glass

It Looks like Stained Glass Pretty, isn't it?

Will you ever try the shattered glass trend? Which one is your favorite?

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How to do this look ?

Love , love,love!

These r cute

These are so prettyyyyy

Well, definitely tops that bubble nail "trend"

#5 and 13 are so pretty! I want some!!

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