Quartz Nails That Are Totally Rocking the Internet Right Now ...

By Eliza

Quartz Nails That Are Totally Rocking  the Internet Right Now  ...


Thank you Bored Panda for showing us just how cool quartz nails are. The look is best done at a salon where the nail techs know how to apply the pink and white polish to mimic the look of quartz. If you want something girly, but totally on trend, you are going to rock this look everywhere you go. Of course, you can try to do it yourself and practice will make perfect. In the meantime, get a whole load of inspo from these fabulous pictures. Cool, isn't it?

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1 St8cy

2 Nails B Good

Fall season is about embracing the warmth of colors. The beauty activities are not sidelined too. Especially, your toes need some pampering. Consider trying out some striking fall toe nail colors for an invigorating effect. These vibrant hues are sure to represent your love for autumn in the most fashionable way!

3 Stella Lala

4 So Hot Right Nail

5 Karin Craddock

6 Nails Tori

7 Ljuvaljungasfransglans

8 Alex E Nails

9 Alesia Renee

10 Stormi Lahuillier

11 Arm Candy Nails

12 Fantasize Nails

13 Sarah Does Nails

14 Leslie Anng

15 Pipo

16 Mimi's Beauty London

17 Glitter Nail Bar

18 Mani Maeve

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