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Unicorn Nails That Are Rainbow-rific ...

By Eliza

It's pretty much impossible not to smile when you're looking at a rainbow. Am I right? If you need a reason to smile anytime, why not paint rainbows on your nails? Here some really awesome ideas for the rainbow unicorn nails look that are going to inspire you. Have fun!

1 Neon Rainbow Tie Dye

Neon Rainbow Tie

2 Cute Rainbow Bubble Nails

Cute Rainbow Bubble Nails5 Cute and Dainty Nail

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3 Rainbow Feather Effect

Rainbow Feather Effect19 Amazing Rainbow Nail Art

4 Rainbow Dots

Rainbow Dots27 Lazy Girl Nail Art

5 Solid Rainbow Manicure

Solid Rainbow ManicureMani Monday: Neon Rainbow Nail

6 Neon Rainbow Ombre

Neon Rainbow OmbreNeon Nail Art!

7 Rainbow Balloons

Rainbow Balloons26 Incredibly Detailed Nail Art

8 Glitter Tornado

Glitter TornadoPiggieLuv: Glitter tornado nail art

9 Amazing Rainbow Paint Drips

Amazing Rainbow Paint Drips2 Amazing Rainbow Nail Art

10 Rainbow Tips

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11 Rainbow with Clouds

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12 Lots of Rainbow Lines

Lots of Rainbow Lines

13 Spun Sugar Rainbow

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14 Rainbow Nails with Lots of Glitter

Rainbow Nails with Lots of GlitterThe Lacquerologist: 31DC13: 09 Rainbow

15 Neon Rainbow Marble Nails

Neon Rainbow Marble

16 Lisa Frank Inspired

Lisa Frank Inspired13 Bitchin' '90s-Inspired Nail Art

17 Neon Water Marble Nails

Neon Water Marble Nails

18 Rainbow Gradient in Dots

Rainbow Gradient in

19 Rainbow Converse Nail Art

Rainbow Converse Nail ArtThe Little Canvas: 31 Day

20 Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow7 Super-Cute Manis to Welcome

21 Rainbow Lines on the Diagonal

Rainbow Lines on the DiagonalRin's Nail Files: Rainbow Cheetah

22 Rainbow Feather

Rainbow FeatherCreative Feather Nail Art Designs

23 Coming from the Clouds

Coming from the CloudsRainbow Nails // Je retombe

24 Rainbow Ombre with Zebra

Rainbow Ombre with Zebra19 Amazing Rainbow Nail Art

25 Rainbow Polka Dots

Rainbow Polka DotsVictoria

26 All the Same

All the Same2 Amazing Rainbow Nail Art

27 Rainbow Drops

Rainbow DropsRainbow DropsMarble manicure- Step By Step

28 Each Nail a Different Color

Each Nail a Different ColorSimple Nail Art Design

29 Shiny Rainbow

Shiny RainbowINK361 - The Instagram web

30 80s Rainbows

80s RainbowsA Polished Prance

31 Easy Geometric Nails

Easy Geometric NailsEasy Geometric Rainbow Nails

32 Cool Rainbow Nail Design

Cool Rainbow Nail Design15 Cool Rainbow Nail Designs

33 With a Friendly Cloud

With a Friendly CloudRainbow-Nail-Art-3 - Nail Art Designs

I bet you love rainbows even more now, don't you? Which idea is your favorite? These unicorn nails are sure to make a statement wherever you go!

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