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7 Things You Should Know about Cheap Vs. Expensive Nail Polish ...

By Eliza

If you’ve ever contemplated the differences between cheap versus expensive nail polish, you aren’t alone. I sometimes wonder why anyone would shell out so much for one bottle of polish, then I rail at the way the cheap stuff chips and fades so quickly. A girl just can’t win. However, once you understand the biggest things that separate the inexpensive from the pricey, you can make the best choice for you. So, here you go. The best ways to tell the difference between cheap versus expensive nail polish.

1 Brush Quality

Just like when you shop for make-up brushes, you want high quality bristles when it comes to your bottles of nail polish. That’s one of the main differences among cheap versus expensive nail polish. The better the brush is, the better the polish will go on your nails, which makes for a better manicure – one that looks great and lasts for a while. Great news, isn’t it?

2 Drying Time

In many cases, cheap nail polish goes on thicker than the higher priced version, which means it takes longer to dry. That doesn’t necessarily make the pricier one better, but if you do opt for the cheaper bottle of polish, know that you might need to set aside a bit more time to be sure it’s completely dry before you move on to something else.

3 Paint Quality

I’ve bought cheap bottles of nail polish that amazed me by lasting for many days. On the other hand, I’ve splurged on the more expensive ones and was pretty upset when the polish chipped the next day. In general, however, the higher priced bottles contain a higher quality of paint, which means it should last a few days longer than the cheaper alternative. If you switch up nail polish often, cheap is probably fine, but it you want your manicure to last longer, it might be better to spend the extra cash.

4 Cheap Might Cost More

It can be painful to spend a lot on nail polish, right? It feels better to grab a new color for a couple bucks. However, many nail experts say that by choosing the cheaper bottle, you may end up spending more. That’s because it generally doesn’t last as long, which means constant reapplication. Before you know it, that polish is gone and you have to go buy another bottle. With expensive versions that last longer you won’t have to redo your manicure very often, making the polish last much longer.

5 Consistency

When you purchase the same beauty product over and over, it makes sense that you want it to perform the same each time. When it comes to nail polish, the ingredients and recipe for some of the cheaper versions might not always be the same. However, the high end brands typically don’t change things from bottle to bottle, which means you can usually count on it being the same with each new color you add to your collection.

6 Depends on Technique

Nail care experts urge you to start with a base coat, follow with two coats of your chosen color, then finish off with a top coat. By skipping an imperative step, even expensive nail polish might not last as long. On the other hand, using a good technique with cheap polish can help prolong its life span.

7 Might Not Be Noticeable

Despite the differences between cheap versus expensive nail polish, some women say they simply can’t tell the difference. Like I said before, I’ve had great results from dollar store polish and less than desirable results from salon bottles. The bottom line is to choose nail polish that works for you. Then it won’t matter what you spent on it.

What’s your favorite brand of nail polish? Why does it work so great for you?

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