Best Nail Colors for Fall for Girls Who Love a Fresh Mani ...

By Jennifer

Best  Nail Colors for Fall for Girls Who Love a Fresh Mani ...

It's fall! Time to put away the pale pinks and other pastels and hunt for the best new nail colors for fall ... and your favorite jeans and sweaters, of course. Here are all of the hottest hues for fall 2016, ready for wearing right now.

1 Aubergine 🍆

pink, nail care, magenta, cosmetics, lip, Price: $10.50 at
While the aubergine emoji looks a little obscene, this color is divine, and it's ultra-hot this fall. I love this Formula X take on the hue; I wonder where I can find a matching lippie?

2 Lilac

NARS, color, pink, nail care, lilac, Price: $20 at
This may seem like a pastel-y spring or summer color, but it's also fab for fall, so if you have a bottle you've fallen in love with, wear it til it snows!

3 Navy

cobalt blue, multimedia, cosmetics, nail care, magenta, Price: $18 at
I've been seeing this deep navy blue hue everywhere this season, and I love it! It goes so well with almost everything in our fall wardrobes, including our darkest-wash skinny jeans.

4 Grey

Dior, perfume, product, skin, cosmetics, Price: $27 at
This is another hold-over from seasons past (think spring 2016), but it's still gorgeous and it's something you can still wear until spring rolls around again, your multi-season neutral.

5 Red, Red Wine 🍷

Butter London, nail, nail care, cosmetics, skin, Price: $18 at
This isn't really a new hue, more of an update to a vampy classic. Wear this from now til Christmas, and maybe even til the bulbs you planted this fall bloom in the spring.

6 Marvelous Mint

NARS, aqua, turquoise, nail, nail care, Price: $20 at
There's another green up next, but this one's listed first because I just love it so much... I love it with crisp whites and charcoal greys -- think fall officewear -- don't you?

7 Evergreen 🌲

clothing, perfume, skin, cosmetics, powder, Price: $18 at
Marc Jacobs calls this color "charcoal green," and it works. The hue is truly more grey, with just a hint of the color you'll be seeing on cardis all season long.

Which of these nail colors are you wearing now?

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I'm digging Vampy purple and wine red for fall

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