5. Ugly Color

Oh, we have a new batch in, the nail tech tells you. All new shades. Glossy! Classy! Just the way you like it. And you’re thinking eggshell or iridescent pearl, and the color sure looks lovely on the nail swatches.

Then the nail tech starts swabbing this stuff on your nails, and it looks the color of baby vomit?

It’s not shiny, it’s kind of lumpy, and in the light it seems to have a radioactive green afterglow? What is this? Some batch of old polish that was discovered in the back room?

But the nail tech keeps talking it up, you're running late for another appointment, and the next thing you know you are out the door with the baby vomit color.

And instead of proudly holding open a door or typing a letter, you feel like hiding your hands behind an extra large purse?

You got had, girl! You got stuck with an UGLY COLOR.

Uneven Length
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