7 Fabulous Nail Colors for Fall to Try in 2013 ...

By Amber

Fall is approaching pretty quickly, so, you’ll want to keep up with the changing styles by making sure you’re up-to-date with your nail colors for fall. Fall is a time to bring back the deeper, darker colors that help accentuate the fashion. And, there’s no better way to carry your look throughout, than by adding a nice pop of color on your nails. So, here are some of my favorite polishes for nail colors for fall this season.

1 Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue Blue is one of my favorite colors, so it’s definitely one of the reasons I added it to my nail colors for fall list! I especially love midnight blue because it goes great with black. And as we all know, black is definitely our friend in the colder months. It’s also a great way to look more subdued, and to add a nice, yet edgy, night on the town feel to your look. Try out Essie’s "After School Boy Blazer" or OPI’s " Incognito in Sausalito".

2 Emerald Green

Emerald Green Instead of bright colors like Lime Green and Mint you’d paint on for summer, why not switch them out for this wonderfully vibrant gem color this fall! It’s vibrant, yet cool and glam enough to wear with jeans and a leather jacket. Plus, you’ll match the colors of the trees before they turn to oranges and reds. Give England Saint George or Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour’s "Bewitched" a try.

3 Fiery Orange

Fiery Orange You could already guess that some form of orange would make it onto this list! Orange is a really awesome color for fall because it’ll match both your surroundings and your wardrobe. Most people wear browns, oranges, reds, and creams in the fall, and if that sounds like you, this color is definitely a winner! It’ll make you stand out in a crowd for sure. Paint on Butter London Nail Lacquer’s "Silly Billy" or Bongo’s "Juice Bar" to achieve the look.

4 Dark Cherry

Dark Cherry Red is always a good nail color choice in my book, but this is especially true in the colder months. Red, specifically cherry red, gives you a more demure, romantic, mysterious look than a regular scarlet red would. It’s perfect to give that black that I mentioned before a little pop! For the perfect color, try Sephora’s "Control Freak" or OPI’s "Lost on Lombard".

5 Metallic

Metallic Metallic is a trend that always revives itself every season. But, this fall, it’s back with a new twist! You can try out silvery purples or a slivers of golds. Either way, metallic are a great way to amp up your style with your fall nails. Some good nail colors for fall to try are Topshop Nails’s "Aurora" or Essie’s "For the Twill of it" !

6 Neutral

Neutral It’s always a good idea to go for neutral colors on your nails because they can be worn anywhere. It’s totally acceptable for work, school, outings or anywhere else for that matter. Plus, it’s great to match with the warm colors of fall too. They’ll look super clean and chic too. Illamasqua Nail Varnish’s "Facet" , and SpaRitual Nail Lacquer’s "UnComplicated" are good ones to start with.

7 Raspberry

Raspberry Are you over painting pink on your nails? Well, I know I am. For a more mysterious, yet rich color, try out Raspberry. It’s different than violet because it’s not as dark, but still gives you that same dark feeling. It’s a great color to wear on Girl’s night. Try these out : Sonia Kashuk’s "Pulp Fiction" or China Glaze’s "Don’t Make Me Wine" !

These are all such awesome nail colors for fall that I can’t wait to try out. It’s a welcomed change from the bright hues I rocked all summer. What other fall colors do want to try for this season?

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