7 Best Nail Polish Colours for the Holidays This Year ...

With so many shades itโ€™s hard to decide what the best nail polish color for the holidays are. Well itโ€™s time to put away your fall palette of colours and start bringing out your holiday collection. If you donโ€™t have any particular colours that you use for the festive season, try one of these 7 nail polish color for the holidays 2013!


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A dark, forest green will be the perfect mix between your all year edginess and the gleeful season, plus itโ€™s a great nail polish color for the holidays. Green is synonymous with pine trees and Christmas so itโ€™s an obvious colour for the holidays. Going several shades darker is a great way to change up the usual green. I like to use Essieโ€™s Stylenomics!

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