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Pearl Nail Art That'll Make You Look Elegant All around ...

By Eliza

There's nothing more elegant and sophisticated than a string of pearls, which is why women have been wearing them for decades. Take the look to a whole new level by doing some pearl nail art. This involves gluing small pearls directly onto your nails for a three dimensional look that is both lovely and unique. Here's all the inspiration you need.

1 Light Colored Background

Light Colored Background Pearls really stand out on a light pink background.

2 Perfect Pearls

Perfect Pearls

3 Perfectly Polished

Perfectly Polished This is perfect for any party you're going to.

4 Little Tiny Pearls

Little Tiny Pearls If you use tiny pearls, you can put on a whole bunch of them.

5 Cover One Nail

Cover One Nail One tiny pearl on each nail with just one covered in pearls a look you simply can't go wrong with.

6 A Touch of Floral

A Touch of Floral Just a hint of flowers make this look really stand out.

7 Something Shiny

Something Shiny Isn't this fabulous? The shiny stars are perfect with the pearls!

8 All Pink

All Pink Pink pearls works just as well as white ones.

9 A Heart Made from Pearls

A Heart Made from Pearls Form a tiny heart from pearls for a really fun look like this one.

10 Really Pretty Pattern

Really Pretty Pattern This would be great for a wedding, but also for a fancy dinner party.

11 Really Fancy

Really Fancy This idea reminds me of a fancy ladies tea party. What do you think?

12 Do a Pointy Nail

Do a Pointy Nail Pearls look fantastic on pointy nails, don't you think?

13 Big Pearls

Big Pearls Glue these big pearls on your nails and you'll be ready for anything.

14 Dripping Pearls

Dripping Pearls The black background really helps the pearls stand out.

15 Try a Fun Color

Try a Fun Color Pearls are fantastic against a fun color like this blue.

16 Perfect Purple Color

Perfect Purple Color This glittery purple color is as perfect as it gets, don't you think?

17 Inspired by the Sea

Inspired by the Sea Doesn't this make you want to lounge by the ocean?

18 Looks like Lace

Looks like Lace I love how girly and feminine this looks.

19 Lookin' Good in Red

Lookin' Good in Red Classic red nails get an instant makeover with pearls.

20 White on White with a Heart

White on White with a Heart White pearls on white polish with a tiny pink heart - looks great to me!

21 Fit for Royalty

Fit for Royalty You'll like a princess with nail art like this.

Which look is your favorite? Where will you show it off?

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