7 Easy to Design Holiday Themed Nails ...


7 Easy to Design Holiday Themed Nails ...
7 Easy to Design Holiday Themed Nails ...

If you want to look your best this season, there are holiday themed nails you can create to spice up your look. Are you bored of wearing the same boring colors day after day? Let your creativity show by trying out some of these holiday themed nails. They're easy to design, and most of the colors should already be in your home.

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Cute Candy Canes

Cute Candy Canes Everyone has red nail polish, so take yours out to create the first set of holiday themed nails. Coat your nails with the red and wait for them to dry. Once they are, grab some white nail polish and run it diagonally across your painted nails. If you can, use a thin brush so that the stripes aren’t too large. As soon as you’re done, use a clear top coat in order to keep them from chipping.


Smiling Snowmen

Smiling Snowmen Bring the white nail polish back out. Paint all of your nails white, and then take out your black nail polish. Place dots like pieces of coal to make the snowman’s eyes and mouth. If you’re feeling extra creative, give him a little top hat. If you don’t want to waste too much time, remember that you don’t have to decorate every nail. Sometimes, less is more.


Soft Snowflakes

Soft Snowflakes Use any shade of blue to coat your nails. Once it dries, use white nail polish to create snowflakes. If you don’t think you have a steady enough hand, just place white dots across your nails. If you can, buy white nail art pens so that you have an easier time drawing the lines. If you ever mess up, remember that you can grab some polish remover and try again as many times as you need to.


Pretty Presents

Pretty Presents For this style, you can choose whatever colors you want. Just make sure that they complement one another, so that they don’t clash. Paint your nails one color, and then draw intersecting lines with the remaining color. If you don’t think you’re capable of drawing a bow, leave your nails like they are. They’ll still look cute, even without the added detail.


Uncomplicated Colors

Uncomplicated Colors Choose whatever colors are associated with the holiday you celebrate. If you’re not religious, then just pick any two colors that fit with the season. All you have to do is paint your nails a solid color, alternating every nail. This is the simplest thing you can do, so there’s no chance of messing it up. Just make sure that you pick cute colors that you’ll get complimented on.


Small Santa Hats

Small Santa Hats This look is easier to achieve than it seems. All you have to do is draw a red triangle on each of your nails. Then take your white nail polish and place a dot on the top of the triangle. The hardest part comes when you have to paint the ridge of your nails. If you can't create the wavy look, just draw a line straight across.


Miniature Menorah

Paint your nails blue, and then grab your white nail polish. Draw a vertical line on each of your nails that reaches a little over half of your nails. If you have yellow or orange polish, drop a dot above each candlestick. Paint one of your thumbs a solid color, or place a different design on it. This way, you'll have nine candles, just like the Hanukkah menorah.

Whether or not you're an artist, you can create fabulous nails. Are you a pro at creating new designs? Do you have any other ideas for holiday themed nails?

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