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If painting your nails is something you enjoy, you will likely love doing these great Hanukkah nail art patterns for the upcoming holiday. The great thing about nail art is that you can customize it with colors and designs that allow you to celebrate just about anything, even if it's just an ordinary day. Creating Hanukkah nail art isn't hard to do and you'll love showing off your masterpiece. Get a load of these great ideas and let me know how it goes for you.

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Try Some Symbols

Try Some Symbols Source: Thanksgivukkah Nail Tutorial!
Just like most other holidays, Hanukkah has several icons that go with it, so using them for your Hanukkah nail art is a fabulous idea.


Lots of Blue

Lots of Blue Source: Fan Nail of the Day: ...
Blue is one of the traditional colors for Hanukkah, so blue nail polish in several shades really gets the job done.


Gold and White

Gold and White Source: 15 Super Pretty Hanukkah Nail ...
Of course you can't go wrong using gold and white too. Look at how cute that tiny dreidel is.



nail, finger, blue, nail care, manicure, Source: pinterest.com
When it comes to Hannukah nail art, you can't go wrong with candles.


Glitter and Sparkle

nail, finger, blue, nail care, manicure, Source: smashleysparkles.com
There's always room for glitter on your nail art.


Matte Finish

Matte Finish Source: INK361 - The Instagram web ...
Usually I like shiny nail polish better, but the matte color of these is the perfect backdrop for hand painting Hanukkah designs.


Gold and Blue

Gold and Blue Source: It's all about the nails
I really like how the blue color allows the gold to stand out. The menorahs are really cute too!


Hebrew Symbols

nail, finger, blue, nail care, manicure, Source: emismanis.wordpress.com
Adding Hebrew symbols to your Hannukah nail art is a great idea.


Get Really Intricate

Get Really Intricate Source: Jewish Nail Art
I don't have this kind of skill, but if you do, create a really gorgeous design like these. Awesome, right?


Covered with Shine

Covered with Shine Source: Superficially Colorful: Independence Day
Once you have your Hanukkah patterns in place, finish the look with a coat of glitter or sheen to make them really stand out.


Matzah Nails

Matzah Nails Source: How to make matzah nails ...
This is really different, but pretty clever if you ask me. Just be ready to make a lot of explanations.


Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint Source: bloglovin.com
Many nail art designs use flat nail polish, but nail art pens that create a raised pattern are pretty great too.


These nail art pens are ideal for elevating your festive look with three-dimensional charm. They allow for precise application, perfect for creating menorahs, dreidels, and even the Star of David on your nails. With puffy paint, your Hanukkah-inspired designs can truly stand out. Imagine tiny, tactile flames on your candle designs or textured gelt coins—it adds an element of fun that goes beyond color and shine. Celebrate the holiday with a creative touch that you can literally feel!


Stripes and Colors

Stripes and Colors Source: manicurator: Digit-al Dozen's Holiday Week ...
I love how this nail art utilizes both the light blue and the dark blue of Hanukkah. The silver ties it all together really well.


Hanukkah Nail Art Decals

Hanukkah Nail Art Decals Source: 22 Hanukkah Gifts For Your ...
If you're anything like me, nail art is too hard and time consuming. With decals like these, you can still enjoy the trend with ease.


White Background

White Background Source: Hanukkah Nail Art Designs | ...
White nail polish makes the perfect backdrop for your Hanukkah designs.


Simple Blue and Gold

nail, finger, manicure, hand, nail care, Source: nails.janajustice.com
This design still makes use of the Hanukkah colors, but isn't as elaborate as some of the other ones on this list.


Elegant Blue and Gold

Lulus, color, nail, finger, blue, Source: groovefootwear.blogspot.com
What a sophisticated way to celebrate Hannukah.


Hanukkah Color Blocking

Hanukkah Color Blocking Source: Products I Love
This is a subtle Hanukkah design that can also be wintery and fun when the holidays are over.


Dreidel Nails

nail, color, finger, blue, hand, Source: ehmkaynails.blogspot.com
It wouldn't be Hanukkah without a dreidel so putting some on your nails is really fun.


Tiny Stars and Dots

Tiny Stars and Dots Source: 12 Must-Try Holiday Manicures - ...
Don't you just love this idea? The stars are adorable and the dots add flair at the same time.

Do you do nail art? I have to admit that I'm not at all good at it, although I do love admiring other people's efforts. Will you try any of these patterns of Hanukkah this year?

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