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It's time to bring out those pastel colours to re-create these nail ideas for spring. They are fun, they are bold and they are colourful. But better than that, they are relatively easy to do, which means the only pair of hands you'll be needing is yours! Think about all that money you'll be saving without having to get a professional to do your nails. (Hurray for spending more on nail polishes!) I promise you with these easy nail ideas for spring, your nails will look just as fabulous as a salon manicure!

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Neon Tips

Dip your tips in colour this spring with shades of neon! A twist to the classic French manicure, neon tips are one of the easiest nail ideas for spring that you should definitely try out. Celebrity nail expert Katie Cazorla uses bright pink for all her tips in this tutorial, but I suggest going for a different hue of neon on every nail for a more fun and flirty look. If you are not so confident about painting a straight line freehand, then use striping tape for a cleaner finish.


Glitter Half Moon

The half moon manicure might as well be the next French tip. It has become increasingly popular and was even spotted at spring 2014 fashion week. You could choose to do it like the models where the half moon is in colour while the rest of nail is left in its natural tone. But you can do no wrong with a little glitter and it looks absolutely gorgeous with creamy pastel nails. So, might as well bring on the sparkles!


Pastel Stripes

This design looks a lot more difficult than it actually is. Who knew the only additional equipment you would need is a striping brush? Try using different colours or substitute the white with a bolder pastel colour to change things up a bit, and don't forget to finish off with a top coat. The great thing about this design is you don't have to be super neat when creating the stripes. Double like!


Gradient Polka Dots

You have heard of the ombre (a.k.a. gradient) nail art, but what about gradient polka dots? It's such an easy spin to the usual polka dot design and you can get it done in a jiffy. You can use a toothpick; the narrow end for small dots and the other end for bigger dots or a bobby pin if you don't own a dotting tool. The pink and black combination as shown in the video is a sweet look, but if you're looking to keep up with the spring 2014 nail trends, opt for a sheer pink or nude colour.


Spring Flowers

Flowers on nails are a pretty sight and unless you are a nail guru, they can be hard to create. However, with spring here, you can't go amiss with floral inspired nail art. As promised, I found a design that is easy to do! Just get a striping brush and a dotting tool ready, besides a few nail polish colours of course.


Geometric Ombre

I love, love, love the green in this nail design! It's so rich and stands out beautifully against the white base. The use of striping tape to add geometric shapes is such a fashion-forward way to dress up the traditional ombre design. I wouldn't recommend using scotch tape though. It can be very time-consuming and tedious to cut the scotch tape into tiny thin strips. You would be better off just purchasing a striping tape; it's seriously cheap.



Oh yes, spring is when you update your closet to a more colourful one; but while colour-blocking your outfits is an option, why spare your nails? Gather your favourite nail colours and cover your nails in bold hues with this design. Once again, for a lack of steady hand use striping tape or in this case, a Scotch tape would work just as well.


Flower Water Marble

Floral designs and colour combined scream spring fun. All you will be needing for a flower water marble nail art is nail colours that you love, a bowl filled with water at room temperature, a needle and sticky tape. It's so simple to do but it looks so intricately complicated. Yet another floral design you can wear for spring!


Kate Spade Inspired

Kate Spade colours are the epitome of spring and if you have a little time on your hands, give this nail design a try! Though it may take a little longer to complete, it makes up with its easy to master skill. You can choose not to add the studs if you don't have any and your nails will still look just as pretty.

Go ahead now, give yourself a manicure with these easy nail ideas for spring! You can always take your own spin and mix it up. Which one will you be wearing this spring? Try it out and let me know!

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