9 Easy Nail Ideas for Spring ...

It's time to bring out those pastel colours to re-create these nail ideas for spring. They are fun, they are bold and they are colourful. But better than that, they are relatively easy to do, which means the only pair of hands you'll be needing is yours! Think about all that money you'll be saving without having to get a professional to do your nails. (Hurray for spending more on nail polishes!) I promise you with these easy nail ideas for spring, your nails will look just as fabulous as a salon manicure!

1. Neon Tips

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Dip your tips in colour this spring with shades of neon! A twist to the classic French manicure, neon tips are one of the easiest nail ideas for spring that you should definitely try out. Celebrity nail expert Katie Cazorla uses bright pink for all her tips in this tutorial, but I suggest going for a different hue of neon on every nail for a more fun and flirty look. If you are not so confident about painting a straight line freehand, then use striping tape for a cleaner finish.

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