You Won't Believe How Cool It is to Wear Lace on Your Nails ...


Lace isn't just for wedding dresses. It can be used in everyday styles, giving you a polished and elegant look anywhere you go. You won't believe how easy it is to put lace on your nails. Here's all the proof you need.

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On a White Background

On a White Background Source: 17 Lace Nail Art Ideas


On an Angle

On an Angle Source: 20 Fashionable Lace Nail Art


Lace with Bling and Pearl

Lace with Bling and Pearl Source: My Lace, Bling, and Pearl


A Pretty Alternative to French Tips

A Pretty Alternative to French Tips Source: Top 10 Nail Art Ideas


Black and White

Black and White Source: Weekly Mani: Pretty Black and


Indian Design Inspired

Indian Design Inspired


Black on Pink

Black on Pink Source: INK361 - The Instagram web


Try Dark Blue

Try Dark Blue Source: Instagram photo by @_cintianails (cintia)


With Black Filigree Accents

With Black Filigree Accents Source: Instagram photo by @ra_dina (Ra-Dina


Romantic in Purple

Romantic in Purple Source: 20 Fashionable Lace Nail Art


Black Lace

Black Lace Source: Digit-al Dozen DOES The Terrific


With Red Rhinestones

With Red Rhinestones Source: 20 Fashionable Lace Nail Art


Just One Nail on Each Hand

Just One Nail on Each Hand Source: Instagram photo by @madahsantana (

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Is any other chick on here too impatient to wait for her manicure to dry, besides me?

Love it, thank you for posting!! Always love lace!!

Lovely. Very intricate...

Pedicures-no problemo. Lasts l-o-n-g-e-r too!


These pictures take forever to load..

Very pretty

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