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Wait Til You See These 42 Awesome Flower Nail Art Designs ...

By Eliza

Flower nail art is definitely something you need should master. Flowers are a timeless choice and you can create the in such a range of fun colors. Nail art is trending in a huge way right now so jumping on the bandwagon is fun thing to do. Fortunately, nail art doesn't have to be hard. You can find patterns and designs that range in skill levels so you can get the look you crave with ease. Here are some inspiring examples you'll have to see to believe.

1 Pink and Turquoise

Pink and TurquoiseVia Flower Nail Designs Perfect For ...
Don't you think the combination of colors is amazing?

2 White Background

White BackgroundVia Nautical
White nails make the perfect backdrop for creating your flowers.


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3 Black and White with Daisies

Black and White with DaisiesVia Blogger Beauty Bests: 12/25/13
I love this look! It's just a matter of making polka dots with your nail polish. Easy enough, right?

4 Fancy Flowers

Fancy FlowersVia 15 Nude Nail Art Ideas ...
These fancy black flowers stand out in a really good way.

5 A Pop of Color

A Pop of ColorVia You've Got to See This ...
A neutral shade is great for nail art, but a great burst of color is really fun to round things out. Love this yellow!

6 On Top of Stripes

On Top of StripesVia Flower Nail Designs Perfect For ...
Striped nails look fantastic with sole girly roses painted on top.

7 Flower Outline

Flower OutlineVia INK361 - The Instagram web ...
Instead of getting too elaborate, try a simple white flower outline on bright colors.

8 Shades of Coral

Shades of CoralVia Easy Spring Nail Art Designs, ...
All these shades of coral come together really nicely here, don't you think?

9 Make a Wish

Make a WishVia 28 Colorful Nail Art Designs ...
Use up all the wishes you can handle with these flowers painted on your nails.

10 On Your Toes

On Your ToesVia Cute and Easy Toenail Art ...
Don't forget to paint some flowers on your toenails too.

11 Lots of Pink

Lots of PinkVia Handtastic Intentions: Nail Art: Daisies
The pink here pairs perfectly with the yellow and white of the flowers.

12 Cherry Blossoms

Cherry BlossomsVia
I cannot get over how awesome this looks. I'd have to find someone to do it for me. Could you do this?

13 Just One Nail

Just One NailVia 20 Most Popular Nail Designs ...
It's fun to put flowers on just one nail, isn't it?

14 Add Some Shine

Add Some ShineVia 10 Cute and Easy Nail ...
You can never go wrong by adding some shine and sparkle to your flowery nail art.

15 Pretty Grey Base with Black and Pink Floral

Pretty Grey Base with Black and Pink FloralVia Red Pink Heart Glitter Nail ...
Wouldn't you love sporting this look on your nails?

16 Pastel Pink, Flowers

Pastel Pink, FlowersVia Live! Love! Paint Your Nails!
If you're looking for a totally feminine look, this is the one you want.

17 Bright Hawaiian Flower

Bright Hawaiian FlowerVia flower nail art designs for ...
You don't have to be on a Hawaiian vacation to enjoy these flowers.

18 A Little Bit Pastel

A Little Bit PastelVia 16 Spring Nail Designs for ...
Tone down bright colors with a couple of pastel nails.

19 A Dandelion

A DandelionVia Cute Dandelion Nail Art Designs ...
This is a look I can really see myself wearing. Don't you love it?

20 On the Tips

On the TipsVia
Painting your flowers on the tips of your nails is fun and unique.

21 Around the Edges

Around the EdgesVia LSL's FUN BLOG: Spring Nail ...
You can also try dabbing some tiny flowers around the edge of your nails.

22 Neon Colors

Neon ColorsVia Designs to Try: Delicate Nail ...
There's nothing wrong with standing out with some neon colors on your nails.

23 Light Purple Background

Light Purple BackgroundVia Nail Polish reviews, nail art ...
A light purple color is perfect for black and white flowers.

24 Dark Purple

Dark PurpleVia 15 + Cute & Easy ...
I love how the dark purple stands out against the nude color.

25 Grey with Yellow

Grey with YellowVia Amazing Spring Summer Nail Art ...
The combination of grey with yellow is superb and works wonderfully for flower nail art.

26 Single Red Rose

Single Red RoseVia Be Inspired - Nails
The cute red rose on the black background couldn't get anymore perfect.

27 Amazing 3D Nail Art

Amazing 3D Nail ArtVia How To Do 3D Nail ...
I don't think this would last very long on my nails, but I love the way it looks. What do you think?

28 Blue Sunflower

Blue SunflowerVia Sunflower nails
I love how there's just a touch of the blue color behind each of the sunflowers. Awesome!

29 Lots of Turquoise

Lots of TurquoiseVia It`s all about nails: Mint ...
You might not think turquoise is a common polish color, but it's perfect for nail art.

30 Flowers Made of Dots

Flowers Made of DotsVia Nails of the Day
Here's another perfect example of using dots to make tiny flowers.

31 Looks like Wallpaper

Looks like WallpaperVia View: Gallery: 10 shaky-hand friendly ...
This looks like a fabulous wallpaper that you'd pay lots of money for.

32 Blue Nails

Blue NailsVia
Never underestimate the power of a fabulous blue nail polish color.

33 Lots of Dots

Lots of DotsVia Sizzlin' Summer Nails: 15 Nail ...
Everyone loves polka dots! These are fantastic with the flowers.

34 Summer Daisies

Summer DaisiesVia INK361 - The Instagram web ...
Get a summertime feel anytime with these daisies on your nails.

35 Yellow and Orange Flowers

Yellow and Orange FlowersVia Eye Candy Nails & Training ...
These tropical flowers are sure to make you smile every time you see them.

36 Pink and Black

Pink and BlackVia INK361 - The Instagram web ...
There's something so glamorous about the combination of pink and black.

37 Orange Hawaiian Orchid

Orange Hawaiian OrchidVia Orange Hawaiian Orchid - Nail ...
This orange color is outstanding and the tiny hibiscus flowers are the perfect complement.

38 Ombre Background

Ombre BackgroundVia Cute Dandelion Nail Art Designs ...
The ombre effect on this design only enhances the flowers. Love it!

39 Grey and Blue

Grey and BlueVia
This color combination is a top notch choice.

40 Elegant White and Gold

Elegant White and GoldVia Nail art doré antique en ...
Never underestimate what some gold on your nails will do for you.

41 Itty Bitty Dots

Itty Bitty DotsVia 100 Damn Cool Nail Art ...
I adore how the flowers look like they are surrounded by dots instead of simply covering them.

42 Try Some Stems

Try Some StemsVia Dieting Digest - Featured
Don't forget to add some stems to your flowers for impact and drama. I can't get enough of that single black dot on the pinky!

What's your nail art skill level? Which of these do you want to try?

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