25 Dazzling 3D Nail Art Designs You Won't Be Able to Take Your Eyes off of ...

By Lisa

25 Dazzling 3D Nail Art Designs You Won't Be Able to Take Your Eyes off of ...

Nail art has evolved from simple floral designs and French tips to super detailed and edgy looks that'll make you do a double take. Gone are the days of sweet and simple nail designs. These days, you can expect the unexpected with feminine 3D flowers, girly bows, animals, and even food! If you're looking to make an impression, 3D nails are the way to go! Get some major 3D nail art inspiration below!

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1 3D Lego Nails

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: 35 Cool 3D Nail Art
Who says you have to stop playing with legos?

2 Geometric Nails

nail,finger,blue,nail care,nail polish, Source: 3D Nails: 16 Super-Wearable Nail
Sparkles, texture, and super wearable.

Elevate your style and add a touch of glamour to your everyday look with metallic nails. They are the perfect accessory to dress up your outfits and express your personal style. So ladies, put your best hand forward and let your nails do the talking!

3 Vintage Nails

nail,finger,nail care,pink,manicure, White roses and jewels look feminine with a vintage flair.

4 Spiky Nails

nail,finger,white,nail care,manicure, Clean white nails get an edgy makeover with a spiky accent nail.

5 Square Stud Nails

nail,finger,nail care,green,manicure, Source: 3D Nails: 16 Super-Wearable Nail
Sport the studded look with gold square studs atop turquoise and black nail art.

6 3D Skull NailS

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: Nailed Daily: Day 292
Love skulls? This design is perfect for Raider fans, Halloween, or anytime you're feeling a little dangerous!

7 Mermaid Nails

color,nail,finger,nail care,blue, Source: 15 Extraordinary Movie & Television
While this design is not very wearable on the day-to-day, it's gets serious points for creativity and attention to detail.

8 Steampunk Machine Gun Nails

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: 35 Cool 3D Nail Art
This is another 3D design that's not very user-friendly, but you've gotta love a girl's commitment to style!

9 Glitter Fish Scale Nails

color,nail,finger,green,fashion accessory, Source: 35 Cool 3D Nail Art
Love this! Not only are the colors gorgeous, but it resembles stained glass.

10 Candy Ball Nails

color,finger,nail,food,bead, Source: 35 Cool 3D Nail Art
Who could say no to sprinkles on your nails?

11 More Square Stud Nails

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: Marce7ina's Nai7 Art: Gold square
This manicure utilizes square studs in various, fun ways to give nails a textured look.

12 Troll Doll Nails

nail,finger,color,pink,manicure, Source: PiggieLuv: 3D troll dolls nail
'90s babies will go gaga for these fun troll doll nails. You've gotta love the crazy hair!

13 Sandy Beach Nails

color,finger,nail,yellow,hand, Source: PiggieLuv: Guest post on Nail
Can't get to the beach this summer? No worries, satisfy your longing for the sea with beach nails.

14 Creepy Ghost Face Nails

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: PiggieLuv: Creepy 3D ghost face
Creepy but kinda cool! Ghost faces and hand prints make for a unique twist on the white mani.

15 Tiara Nails

finger,nail,pink,jewellery,fashion accessory, Source: ameblo.jp
Were you destined to be a princess? Give your nails the royal treatment with a tiara design.

16 Dessert Nails

nail,finger,color,pink,manicure, Source: Cupcake Ice-Cream Melted Chocolate 3D
Cupcakes, hot fudge, and ice cream make the most delicious nail art.

17 Studded Stiletto Nails

nail,finger,pink,manicure,fashion accessory, Source: Cupcake Ice-Cream Melted Chocolate 3D
Everything girly you can imagine!

18 Bold and Blue Nails

nail,finger,blue,nail care,nail polish, Source: 3D Nails: 16 Super-Wearable Nail
Wearable 3D bow with charming polka dots.

19 Under the Sea Nails

nail,finger,pink,hand,manicure, Source: 30 Magical Mermaid Nail Ideas
Iridescent nails with seashells and fish scale designs.

20 Sweet Treat Nails

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: Alterhit
Yum! Have your dessert with a cherry on top.

21 Panda with Dessert Nails

nail,finger,color,pink,nail care, Source: nailpolishgalore.com
What could be better than a cute panda with donuts, ice cream, and cookies?

22 Food Coma Nails

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: nailbees Everything Nails - Bee
A sushi boat, croissant, coffee, pizza, and even a salad! All at your fingertips.

23 Bear Nails

finger,nail,hand,fashion accessory,art, Source: Valentine's Day Nail Art Idea
This design was originally made for Valentine's Day, but I think it's sweet enough for any time of the year.

24 Fruity Fresh Nails

nail,finger,color,pink,green, Source: Cute Nail Art Designs
Fruity and fun nails that aren't too over-the-top!

25 Glitter and Rhinestone Nais

nail,finger,pink,nail care,green, Source: Avon Representative - Online
This design and color screams Valentine's Day! Wear it to celebrate the holiday or change up the colors for a cute look any time.

Can you believe all the different ways you can dress up your nails? The options are almost overwhelming! Which look did you like best?

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Super cute nails! Very professional

Simplicity is always more elegant. Plus that most be pretty uncomfortable...

In love with little mermaid nails

I like the gems and smaller things like that, but anything more than that it begins too look a bit "trashy"

I agree less is more. Very talented nail tech, though. Just not practical for everyday wear and tear!

I love the creativity that was put into these designs. I would try a few of them for maybe a specific event. It would be a one day or one weekend wear! Great for younger women.

Cute designs

A very talented friend put some 3d art on my nails once. You don't realize how often the back of your nails touch things until something is in the way! My hair kept getting caught.

These r cute but like how? Is it possible to use ur hands normally with these?

Unique but I wouldn't be able to do anything

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