Summer Gets Even Hotter with These Nail Art Ideas ...


Summer is the time for bright colors and fun nail art, right? The warm weather just makes you want to try new things, so why not give it a whirl on your finger and toenails? Here are some jaw dropping ideas to try today. You are going to love them all!

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A Little Daisy

A Little Daisy Source: 15 Cute Nail Art Ideas


Pink and Flowery

Pink and Flowery Source: 16 Breath-Taking Butterfly Nail Designs


Bright Summer Red

Bright Summer Red Source: red and black Nail Art


Fun Summer Colors with Feathers

Fun Summer Colors with Feathers Source: Trend Summer Nail Art Design


Whether you're hitting the beach or just sipping cocktails by the pool, adding a touch of feather-inspired nail art in vibrant hues can definitely spice up your look. Bright pinks, electrifying blues, and sunny yellows – this trend is all about making a bold statement. You don't even have to stick to one color; mix and match for a dynamic effect. Think of a sunset or tropical bird feathers as your inspiration and let your creativity take flight. This flamboyant style is perfect for those who love a lively, playful vibe with their summer ensemble.


Colorful Dots

Colorful Dots Source: Tonight's plan: DIY one of


Looks like a Sunset

Looks like a Sunset Source: dndang‘s Instagram posts •


As the days become longer and the temperatures climb higher, it's the perfect time to add some extra sparkle to your look with some nail art. Nail art is a great way to express your style and show off your personality. Whether you're looking for something simple or something a bit more daring, there's something for everyone.

One of the most popular nail art trends right now is the sunset look. This design, which features an ombre effect from yellow to orange to pink, is perfect for summer. It's also a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit. To get the look, start by painting your nails with a yellow base. Then, use a sponge to blend in different shades of orange and pink. Finally, use a white nail polish to create a gradient effect.

To add a bit of extra sparkle to your sunset nails, you can add some glitter. Glitter comes in a variety of colors and can be used to create a shimmering effect. You can also add some metallic nail art stickers to create a unique look. If you're feeling extra creative, you can even add some rhinestones for a bit of extra glam.


Stripes, Dots and Flowers

Stripes, Dots and Flowers Source: INK361 - The Instagram web


Beautiful Blue Flowers

Beautiful Blue Flowers Source: 22 Beautiful Summer Nail Designs


Blue is a popular color for summer, and what better way to incorporate it into your look than with beautiful blue flowers on your nails? These nail art designs are perfect for adding a touch of nature and elegance to your summer style. Not only are blue flowers visually appealing, but they also symbolize peace, serenity, and tranquility. This makes them the perfect choice for a relaxing summer day or a night out with friends. Whether you opt for a simple design or a more intricate one, blue flowers are sure to make your nails stand out and add a touch of beauty to your overall look.


Summer Blue and Pink

Summer Blue and Pink Source: Fabulous Easter Nail Art Designs


Colors That Scream Summer

Colors That Scream Summer Source: 22 Fun Nail Art Tutorials


Pretty Little Flower Garden

Pretty Little Flower Garden Source: Easy Spring Nail Art Designs


Bright Coral and Turquoise

Bright Coral and Turquoise Source: Paint FAB Nail Art


A Slice of Watermelon

A Slice of Watermelon Source: Tonight's plan: DIY one of


Pink Accents

Pink Accents Source: 32 Beautiful Summer Nails Ideas


Adding a pop of pink to your nails can instantly lift your spirits and give you that summertime vibe. Whether it's a neon shade that stands out boldly against tanned skin or a soft baby pink that offers a more subtle touch of femininity, pink accents have the power to transform your look. Try incorporating small pink details with nail art such as flowers, stripes, or even polka dots to embrace the playful side of summer. Choose a matte or glossy finish depending on the occasion to finish off the perfect summer-ready manicure.


Baseball Nail Art is a Home Run

Baseball Nail Art is a Home Run Source: Happy Opening Day! Here Are


Neon’tastic Watermelon

Neon’tastic Watermelon Source: Nail Escapades: Polishers Inc


Ocean and Sand

Ocean and Sand Source: 22 Fun Nail Art Tutorials


Summer Pink and Yellow

Summer Pink and Yellow Source: PinspiratioNAIL - '80s Striping Tape


Pink Tips with Flowers

Pink Tips with Flowers Source: Summer by Kinga K


Neon Polka Dots

Neon Polka Dots Source: 20 Cute Nail Polish Design


Neon Green for Summer Fun

Neon Green for Summer Fun Source: 15 Ideas to Make a


Water Marble in Fun Colors

Water Marble in Fun Colors Source: Southern Sister Polish: Water Marble


Sassy Neon Pink Polish

Sassy Neon Pink Polish Source: Creative Summer Neon Nail Art


Neon hues are all the rage during the summer months, and nothing whispers (or rather shouts) fun like a vivid splash of neon pink on your nails. This electrifying shade is not just a statement maker; it adds that perfect punch to your summer outfits, whether you're hitting the beach or strutting down the city streets. For an extra oomph, consider adding some sparkling accents or playful patterns to your neon pink base. It emphasizes your playful, daring side and ensures your manicure is the center of attention at every pool party or summer soirée.


Pastel Colors Still Work in the Summer

Pastel Colors Still Work in the Summer Source: | carolanenails: Daisies!


Sophisticated and Glamorous Nails

Sophisticated and Glamorous Nails Source: Amazing Spring Summer Nail Art


This sophisticated and glamorous nail art idea is perfect for the summer season. The manicure features a light pink base with a white accent nail. On the accent nail, a thin silver line is painted along the cuticle and a cluster of white rhinestones are placed at the base of the nail. The other nails are decorated with a silver glitter polish. The combination of the light pink, silver, and white colors make for a beautiful and unique look.

The manicure is easy to recreate and can be done with only a few simple steps. First, apply a light pink polish to the nails. Then, use a silver glitter polish to add some sparkle. On the accent nail, use a thin silver line to outline the cuticle and add some white rhinestones to the base of the nail. Finally, use a topcoat to seal the design.

This nail art idea is perfect for any summer occasion, from a day at the beach to a night out. The light pink base and silver glitter will add a subtle sparkle to any outfit. The addition of the white accent nail and rhinestones will bring a touch of glamour to the look. With this nail art idea, you can look chic and stylish all summer long.



Flamingos Source: Nail Art Tricks And Tricks


White Nails with Pops of Neon

White Nails with Pops of Neon Source:


Melting Ice Cream with Sprinkles

Melting Ice Cream with Sprinkles Source: Beauty Buzz: Learn How to


Bright Blue Tropical Flowers

Bright Blue Tropical Flowers Source: 45 Summer Wedding Nails Ideas


4th of July Nails

4th of July Nails


For Your Summer Trip to Disney World

For Your Summer Trip to Disney World Source: 20 Trend Summer Nail Art


Fun Tribal Design

Fun Tribal Design


Pale Pink with Yellow

Pale Pink with Yellow Source: 15 Super Cute Dots and


Big, Bright Sunflowers

Big, Bright Sunflowers Source: 20 Trend Summer Nail Art


Summer Fun with Sunglasses

Summer Fun with Sunglasses Via Gabby on Instagram: “

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