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When you have a tan, you naturally want to show it off. There are loads of things you can do to make your tan stand out, and one of them happens to be the nail color you choose for your fingers and toes. The simple step of painting your nails is such an easy thing to do, but not all colors are going to enhance your lovely glow. Here are the colors you should stock in your bathroom this summer.

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Pale Pink

Pale Pink This is one of the best colors for bringing out a beautiful tan. It works for both your fingers and toes. The paleness of the pink color makes your tan look darker just by swiping it on. Start with two coats of the pale pink color you choose, then top your nails with a coat of clear polish to give them shine.


Neon Yellow

Neon Yellow Neon is a huge trend right now and the yellow shade is perfect for bringing out a tan. Really, any neon color will do the trick, but yellow is the best. Whether you choose a plain shade or a glittery one, you will love how much darker your tan looks when you slap on a couple coats of neon yellow nail color.


Bright Purple

Bright Purple Normally you want lighter shades to make your tan stand out, but for whatever reason, bright purple works really well. Stay away from darker, royal colors of purple and stick to the neon or paler shades instead. The dark colors will look fabulous, but they won’t necessarily enhance your golden glow like the lighter colors will.


Coral Orange

Coral Orange This is my favorite color for summer vacation! The orange color mixes well with the color of a tan and gives it new life. I love this color for fingers and toes and it really makes your white summer sandals pop. Again, make sure to add a clear top coat to give your color some shine.


Coral Orange is a beautiful color that is perfect for summer. It's bright and cheerful, and it looks great with a tan. The color is a mix of orange and pink, making it a great choice for those who want something a bit more unique. It looks particularly nice when paired with white sandals, and a clear top coat will give it extra shine.

When it comes to nail care, Coral Orange is a great choice for the summer months. It's a long-lasting color that won't chip or fade easily, and it's a great way to show off your tan. It's also a great choice for those who want to add a bit of color to their nails without going too bold.

Coral Orange is a great color to use for both manicures and pedicures. It looks great on both fingers and toes, and it can be used as an accent color or as the main color. When using it as an accent color, try pairing it with a light pink or nude.


Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue This color is hot right now! Who doesn’t love the implications of that iconic shade to blue-turquoise? Wearing it on your nails might not be the same as getting the little box, but this shade will bring out your tan and make you smile every time you see it. This is another perfect shade for pairing with your favorite pair of summer sandals.


Bright Pink

Bright Pink There’s nothing more girly than bright pink nail polish. And it’s great for drawing a tan out over the summer. In fact, that’s the shade I have on my fingers and toes right now! You can never go wrong with bright pink, no matter the time of year, but it’s especially wonderful when you want to show off that tan you worked so hard to get.


Bright Blue

Bright Blue This one surprised me a little bit, if only because it’s so dark. However, once you give it a try, you will see how perfect it looks with a summer tan. Again, stay away from really dark shades like navy because they don’t have the same effect. Think bright crayon blue and you’ll be good to go.

Remember that a summer glow should be from a bottle and not the sun or the tanning beds because both raise your risk of skin cancer and give you wrinkles. Which of these colors are you dying to try? Do you have other shades to add to the list?

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Definitely coral! It's what I'm wearing now!

Honestly this is a very basic article. These colors would look good on most skin tones;not spefically tanned people. Any neon color really shows off a tan!

@Cyntryli thanks for that suggestion! I'm a little pale myself.

Pretty! Too bad I'm super pale... Which colours would show off porcelain Highlander skin?

Nice colors ! 😃 expect the color blue

@Kat: My suggestion is perhaps darker colors like a burgundy or wine red, maybe even jewel tone colors. They look really lovely for people with paler complexions.

I have hot neon pink on my fingers& neon orange on my toes. Anything neon or really bright will show off your tan!!

and white

Neon pink and coral! Great suggestions :) Oh and you gotta add the basic white to the list! Always great for summer!

@Kat_With_a_K use deep colors like violet or mocha brown. Also nude and glittery colors go great with pale skin.

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