Gorgeous Nail Colors for Girls Who Spend Their Summer at the Beach ...


Gorgeous Nail Colors for Girls Who Spend Their Summer at the Beach  ...
Gorgeous Nail Colors for Girls Who Spend Their Summer at the Beach  ...

These are the perfect nail colors for girls who spend their summer at the beach! These are the ideal summer polishes that you'll want in your makeup bag. Each color will make your beach trip that much more epic. Stand out and make a statement with these beautiful summer nail colors!

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Brazil Toucan

nail care, orange, product, manicure, cosmetics, With a name like Brazil Toucan, you know this shade is perfect for summer. The peachy orange color pairs well with any of your bikinis and will continue looking great once you get dressed for drinks and dinner.
amazon.com $10


Venice Beach Venus

Lauren B Beauty, turquoise, nail care, aqua, cosmetics, Here's a beachy blue that you're going to love. The name is pretty spectacular, especially if you're at Venice Beach, but it's a great shade to try near any body of water.
amazon.com $18


Perfect Pink

pink, nail care, magenta, mp3 player accessory, lip, This bright pink is perfect for hot sunny days on the sand. It's also a great way to make your beachy tan stand out. Summer doesn't get any better than bright pink fingernails and toenails.
net-a-porter.com, $23.00


Something Super Shiny

pink, nail care, nail, lilac, manicure, This polish will catch the light and look super shiny when you're out in the sun. At the same time, the color is subtle enough that you can go a little lighter for your beach day if that's what you prefer.
amazon.com $10


Pinky Red is Never a Bad Idea

Piggy Polish, color, pink, nail care, nail, Don't you just love this shade? It's specially designed to go on your toenails, but you can also put it on your fingernails if you want to. Trust me, you sandals are going to look so much better with this on your toes!
amazon.com $10


Sunshine Yellow

Lauren B Beauty, yellow, flower, produce, cosmetics, It's summer to it only makes sense to wear a sunny yellow color, right? This one will make your tan look darker and will make you stand out in the best way at the beach.
amazon.com $18


Sparkle at the Beach

nail care, product, nail, cosmetics, manicure, Want something a bit more understated? This polish shade is lighter, but the glitter makes you sparkle just the way you want to when you're lounging at the beach.
amazon.com $10.50



nail polish, cosmetics, purple, product, nail care, This on-trend color with flawless coverage and outstanding durability in plum is everything!
amazon.com $9


Infinite Shine

nail polish, cosmetics, product, nail care, product, I'm positively in love with this sweet, baby pink! Infinite Shine applies like a lacquer, removes like a lacquer, and shines until you take it off.
amazon.com $12



nail polish, cosmetics, product, product, nail care, This vibrant color will look great against any swimsuit! Extravagant is a color that not only works during summer, but year round.
amazon.com $6

Which one is your favorite? Which beach do you plan to be lounging on this summer?

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