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20 of Today's Dazzling Nail Inspo for Girls Desperate for a New Look ...

By Sophie

Hey Gorgeous! Here are today's hottest nail inspo fresh off Instagram. And here's our special: Nail Hack of The Day:

Dab the first coat of glitter polish instead of brushing it on to help evenly distribute glitter.

1 @nailpromagazine

2 @nataliepavloskinails

3 @cndworld

4 @essiepolish

5 @nailitmag

6 @billionails

7 @yagala

8 @justagirlandhernails

9 @getbuffednails

10 @britneytokyo

11 @naominailsnyc

12 @helennails_yeg

13 @stephstonenails

14 @so_nailicious

15 @whatsupnails

16 @indigonails

17 @nailsmagazine

18 @glistenandglow1

19 @nailsdesign777

20 @nailsbymei

Aren't these gorgeous? Tell us which ones you liked best! And if your fav nail account is not on this list - do tell in the comments, dolls!

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