27 Food Nail Art Designs That Will Make You Really Hungry ...


Do you do nail art? It's a really fun and trendy thing happening right now. That means you'll see just about anything on someone's nails. That includes foods of all kinds. Looking at food on my nails all day would just make me hungry, but it is a really cool way to show off your nail art skills. Check out these great examples of food nail art and your mouth will water and you'll be inspired to get out all your bottles of polish.

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Favorite Fruits

Favorite Fruits Via Tutti Frutti Nails !
Showcase all your favorite kinds of fruit on your fingernails.


Junk Food Snacks

Junk Food Snacks Via INK361 - The Instagram web ...
Do you have this kind of skill? I love the way these look!


Juicy Strawberries

Juicy Strawberries Via Nailed It NZ: Take Two ...
These make you want to take a bite of a sweet summer strawberry, don't they?


Jelly Bean Nail Art

Jelly Bean Nail Art Via TODAY Style - Fashion Trends, ...
Great for Easter, but perfect for any time of the year too.


Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts Via Instagram
Who doesn't love donuts? They are just as great on your nails as they are in your mouth.


All Different Foods

All Different Foods Via Polish Days: 7 Deadly Sins ...
I love how each nail is covered in different kinds of food.


Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Via Nails of the Day
These are great for when you celebrate your own birthday, but you can rock them at birthday parties for other people too.


BBQ Themed

BBQ Themed Via BBQ-Themed Nail Art Just In ...
Rock out your next barbecue with hamburger nails.


Yummy Sushi

Yummy Sushi Via INK361 - The Instagram web ...
This is probably my favorite nail art! The little faces are so adorable.


Happy Food

Happy Food Via Items similar to 20 Kawaii ...
How could you not smile when you have these cute little food friends on your fingernails?


Fast Food

Fast Food Via The Nailasaurus | UK Nail ...
If you love fast food, you'll love having this nail art!


Favorite Treats

Favorite Treats Via Junk Food Nails
You might not want to eat them all the time, but you can sure indulge your cravings on your nails.


Candy, Soda and Chips

Candy, Soda and Chips Via INK361 - The Instagram web ...
I love all of these foods, which makes them some of my top picks for food nail art.



Candy Via Bonbons - Marlou'Nail-Art
Who doesn't love candy? I know your mouth is watering just looking at these nails.


Melting Ice Cream

Melting Ice Cream Via bloglovin.com
Ice cream is one of America's favorite so this melting ice cream is yummy.


Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs Via themajestysnowbird.tumblr.com
My favorite breakfast is now a fantastic nail art design.


Pizza Slices

Pizza Slices Via Pizza nails by Ninails on ...
I love how the pizza slices stand out on the black background.


More Junk Food

More Junk Food Via nail to the cross
Junk food seems to be a common trend when it comes to nail art.


Fruity Nails

Fruity Nails Via INK361 - The Instagram web ...
Another version of fresh and fruity nails to inspire you!


Sushi Rolls

Sushi Rolls Via A Nail Biter's Dream: Yummy ...
Anyone who loves sushi will love having their favorite versions on their nails.


Sugary Bliss

Sugary Bliss Via Love for Nails
If sugar is your indulgence, this should be the theme you choose.


Candy Ball, 3D Nail Art

Candy Ball, 3D Nail Art Via 35 Cool 3D Nail Art ...
I'm not sure these would last for very long, but they look pretty sweet don't they?


All the Best Food

All the Best Food Via HANDMAYDEN - sammylovesfossas: Junk food ...
All your favorites right here in one place.


Japanese Food 3D Nail Art

Japanese Food 3D Nail Art Via 35 Cool 3D Nail Art ...
Here's some more awesome 3D nail art that will make you hungry and happy at the same time.


Oreo Cookies

Oreo Cookies Via Cute
Oreo lovers unite with this tasty and realistic nail art design.


All Fries

All Fries Via The 43 Most Amazing Manicures ...
Love the fries, but hate the burgers? This is the nail art design for you.



Watermelon Via Polish DESIRE // omnails: Watermelon ...
Make anytime feel like summertime when you have watermelon on your fingernails.

What kind of food would you paint in your nails? I love the burgers! Which one of these is your favorite?

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