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36 Sports Nail Art Ideas That Will Make You Ready for Game Time ...

By Eliza

No matter what sport is your favorite, there is a nail art pattern to go with it. From simple to super elaborate, nail art is taking the world by storm and it's a great way to show off your sport of choice or your favorite team. Not only is sports nail art superb for game day, but it works all year round too. Sports icons are fun and you can really practice your nail art skill by creating them. Here are just a few fabulous ideas to get you started.

1 Football Field

Football FieldVia 27 Football Nail Art Inspirations, ...
Green sparkles are perfect for creating football turf for your sports nail art.

2 Happy Opening Day

Happy Opening DayVia Happy Opening Day! Here Are ...
Celebrate the return of baseball with these cute nails.

3 Dallas Cowboys

Dallas CowboysVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
You can easily find sports team decals for any team that is your favorite.

4 Baseball Thread

Baseball ThreadVia Happy Opening Day! Here Are ...
If you're like me and can't freehand stuff like this, look for decals that will give your nails just the look you want.

5 Football Throw

Football ThrowVia 17 Super Sunday Party Ideas ...
Because nail art has gotten so popular lately, you can easily find brown polish to create a football like this one.

6 Tennis Nails

Tennis NailsVia Home, ijenti
Show off your killer serve with tennis nails. Or, just wear them for fun!

7 Volleyball Nail Art

Volleyball Nail ArtVia Redirecting
A volleyball with your number or your favorite player's number is a really fun idea.

8 Glitter Shellac

Glitter ShellacVia Nails and Hair by RLA
Again, you can modify the sparkle colors to suit any team.

9 All the Sports

All the SportsVia Nail Wish: Esmaltofílicas, El Reto ...
Paint a different ball on each nail if you are a fan of all sports.

10 Bright Red

Bright RedVia Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments's ...
Bright red nails are the perfect pick for pairing with baseball nail art.

11 Nfl Nails

Nfl NailsVia INK361 - The Instagram web ...
This is really fun because it works for any football team. Cute!

12 Basketball Nails

Basketball NailsVia Polish Art Addict: Basketball Nails
When my son starts up his season again, I plan to do this on game days.

13 Chicago Cubs

Chicago CubsVia View Picture (474 x 476 ...
Baseball fans unite! Check out how easy this would be to change for your favorite baseball team.

14 Soccer Designs

Soccer DesignsVia
Is soccer your sport? Show it off with these great nails.

15 New England Patriots

New England PatriotsVia NFL Nail Art: 49ers, Broncos, ...
You'd have to have a steady hand to get this done right, but it looks fantastic, don't you think?

16 The World Cup

The World CupWhat a fun way to celebrate the World Cup! Of course, you'll need to change the date for this year.

17 Volleyball Player

Volleyball PlayerVia
Love your time on the court? Sport these nails (but probably not when you're playing).

18 Lots of Footballs

Lots of FootballsVia 15 Fun Football Nail Art ...
No one is going to wonder what your favorite sport is when your nails look like this.

19 NFL Game Day

NFL Game DayVia NFL Nail Art: 49ers, Broncos, ...
Here's another great example of how cool NFL nails look.

20 March Madness

March MadnessVia Aggies Do It Better: March ...
I love the girly spin on basketball with the sparkly nail polish.

21 Clean Background

Clean BackgroundClean BackgroundVia volleyballs
Clear nails are perfect for applying black decals.

22 Gymnastics Silhouettes

Gymnastics SilhouettesVia THE NAIL PRO
Gymnastics doesn't get as much attention as other sports, but with these nails, it will get the recognition it deserves.

23 Here We Go, Steelers

Here We Go, SteelersVia
The source here gives you ideas for painting your nails, no matter your favorite team.

24 Write It down

Write It downVia NFL Nail Art: Playoff Team ...
If you just want to spell out your team name, go for it. It looks awesome!

25 Nike Nail Art

Nike Nail ArtVia Nike nails for #NAILLINKUP - ...
These are perfect for girls who call running their sport.

26 Olympic Swimming

Olympic SwimmingVia The Fabulous Nails Of Women's ...
Pretty fun, don't you think? You'll want this design handy anytime the Olympics come around.

27 Carolina Panthers

Carolina PanthersVia devilishdesigns: Sunday Football: Carolina Panthers
I don't have this kind of skill, but I wish I did!

28 Tennis Court

Tennis CourtVia Teniss / Tennis | Nailscope: ...
The colors here are so perfect! Do you love this look?

29 Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago BlackhawksVia Cool Story Gio... — Since ...
The colors here really make this design stand out.

30 Olympic Gold

Olympic GoldVia Birchbox - Olympic Gold Nail ...
You don't have to be in the Olympics to paint gold medals on your nails.

31 New York Yankees

New York YankeesVia nyyanksgirl
When you do baseball nails, don't forget to add some jersey stripes to your nails.

32 Hockey Nail Decals

Hockey Nail DecalsVia Sport Nail Decals - Nail ...
If time on the ice is your sport, you must have these awesome decals.

33 Cheerleader Nails

Cheerleader NailsVia Creative Nail Design by Sue
Yes, cheerleading is a sport. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Modify these to match your school colors.

34 Denver Broncos

Denver BroncosVia NFL Nail Art: 49ers, Broncos, ...
My favorite football team! I wonder if I started practicing now, if I could get this right before the season starts again.

35 Soccer Goal

Soccer GoalVia Concrete and Nail Polish: Soccer ...
What do you think? This might be one of my favorites.

36 More World Cup

More World CupVia Football=Love
The fun thing about World Cup nail art is all the colors you get to use.

Have you ever done sports nail art? Which of these would be your first choice?

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