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Blue nail designs are steadily becoming one of the biggest nail trends in the fashion industry. From the brilliant hues to the dark and sultry shades, its versatile nature means that it can complement diverse skin tones. One of the reasons why nail art has become popular is because of the amount of videos available on social media today. That being said, here are a few absolutely gorgeous blue nail designs that you will definitely want to flaunt.

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Tiffany Blue and Silver Nail Art

When it comes to fantastic blue nail designs, YouTube star elleandish // Janelle is a total pro. Pairing this lovely shade of Tiffany blue with glitter polish in this amazing design was an excellent choice. I love how well both colors complement one another. The best part is that if you decide to customize this look to fit your own tastes (i.e. omitting the rhinestones), your manicure will still be just as fabulous!


Funky Blue Zipper Nail Art

This funky blue zipper nail design by staceymnz is absolutely electric! Not only are monochromatic tones extremely trendy this year, these particular hues are very flattering. I find the white zippers to be extremely clever. All of the interesting shapes in various colors and sizes come together for a magnificent image.


Retro Wallpaper Nail Art

Lovers of vintage fashion will get a kick out of this next look. Monochromatic colors make another appearance here in the inverted circles. Choosing to highlight the subtle tones in the black and white polish by incorporating a light blue theme is an excellent (and incredibly bold) decision. I can totally imagine Zooey Deschanel sporting this trendy manicure by YouTube star IndigoNova1.


Blue and Green Marble Nail Art

Could there be a better suited mix than blue and green? From the splashes of green to the diagonally painted shades of blue, everything about this next manicure screams in vogue! The manner in which she converts the process of water marbling into a simple step is fascinating. It's clear that YouTube nail artist My Simple Little Pleasures is no amateur when it comes to gorgeous designs.


Ongles Black and Blue Nail Art

YouTube nail artist divajoly proves that she is a master of matte nail designs. Not only is this electric blue look great for any occasion, it will add spice to your overall wardrobe. Although in French, the best aspect of this tutorial is that all you need to do is watch each visual step closely to perfect this amazing look. The dash marks also amplify this beautiful manicure.


Chevron Blue and Silver Nail Art

As one of the more popular tutorial channels, there's no question that YouTube user lenysea is genius. I love her intricate designs and impeccable color choices. Pairing that wonderful shade of blue with silver in the color scheme is a brilliant idea!


DIY Nail Art Stickers

Lastly, this tutorial for creating DIY nail art stickers by elleandish // Janelle is phenomenal. I never thought that I would ever be able to create DIY stickers with common household items such as the freezer bag; elleandish // Janelle makes everything look so easy!

Because of their beautiful appearance, blue nail designs will never go out of style. What are your favorite nail designs to sport? What is your favorite nail polish brand?

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Also the zipper is awesome ;)

I am loving the Tiffany blue and silver such a beautiful color and art

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