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Quirky nail designs should just be synonymous with the blooming days of spring. One of my favorite elements of rocking nail art inspired by spring is the amount of colors and intricate designs embedded into each look, invoking the freshness of the season. From Rihanna to Lady Gaga, many celebrities have also taken to trying out interesting designs. I love experimenting with different tutorials that make me excited for all of the warmth and sunshine filled days to come. Trust me when I say that these quirky nail designs will do exactly that.

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Paris Inspired Nail Art

From the incredibly detailed Eiffel Tower design to the lovely shades of pink, this Paris inspired tutorial by the brilliant "TotallyCoolNails" is one of my favorite quirky nail designs. I love the sharp contrast between the pink hues, followed by the dark silhouette of the beloved Paris monument. The "oh la la" phrase is the perfect finishing touch.


Sunflower Nail Art

I don't think I will ever get over how totally fun and sweet this next tutorial by nail trendsetter "naileditnz" is. From the blue and yellow undertones of the polish, to the defined lines in the design, this floral look is a great reminder of this beautiful season. I love the fact that the sunflowers almost look as if they are three-dimensional.


Nautical Nail Art

This nautical themed nail art is simply astonishing! There's a reason why so many tutorials by "cutepolish" are well known. The precision of the stripes coupled with the cleverly stencilled anchor makes for an absolutely stunning picture. Pairing blue and red together will always be a marvelous (not to mention classic) idea. I feel that this is a look that would be favored by singer and actress Zooey Deschanel.


Lace Nail Art

The fact that "Jofokitty" is able to expertly incorporate real lace into this next look still amazes me. I also love how easy she makes it to replicate this nail art! The black lace looks striking when placed over the nude polish; I'm just it would look just as dashing over other colors as well. In order to make the look last for a long time, a top coat is definitely necessary.


Colorblock Nail Art

This colorblock fiesta by "StarryEyedGlamour" is one of the greatest videos that I have ever stumbled upon! Not only does she explain how to conquer this popular trend, she also includes an example of various colorblocking designs. I find her use of reinforement stickers to be really clever. The best part is that you can use any nail polish colors to recreate these phenomenal looks.


Graffiti Nail Art

I really like this nail tutorial by "POPSUGAR Beauty" because it reminds me of two spotted top coat polishes by Revlon that my best friend gave me as a gift; I must admit that I am utterly obsessed with the graffiti look! I don't think my nails have ever looked as great. The best part is that the blend of diverse hues adds an intriguing element to the overall look.


Cherry Blossoms Nail Art

Last but not least, this lovely look by "Robin Moses Nail Art" is perfect for spring. As a major fan of floral designs, I have to say that this cherry blossom tutorial is fantastic. Using the nail pen to draw the lines of the branch is such a smooth move!

When it comes to testing out new designs, I am always up for it! Are there any nail polish trends that you are obsessed with? Which designs do you recommend trying?

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