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Stick on nails are a fun and easy way to express yourself! Applying stick on nails is often a much easier, less stressful process than painting your own nails. With all the companies jumping on the bandwagon of producing stick on nails, you’ll never run out of fashionable options to beautify your nails!

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Fandom Flair

Fandom Flair Via Bat Logo Nail Decals- Set ...
Do you associate yourself with a particular fandom? If you do, then a great use for stick on nails is showing your support for your fandom of choice!



Floral Via 65 Cosmo Readers Who Nailed ...
Floral prints are hard to achieve with traditional nail polish and a brush. But that isn’t the case with stick on nails!



Sketch Via Gonna have to get my ...
These nails look like they’re a hand-drawn sketch! The look is busy, but not too colorful or overwhelming to the eye, making it classy and fun!


Mustache Nail Decal

Mustache Nail Decal Via Mustache Nail Decals - Set ...
For whatever reason, mustaches have made their way into the fashion world over the past few years. But who can complain? They’re adorable!


Glitter and Glam

Via Amber did it!: Sticks and ...
This look is showy and fun! The ombre effect combined with glitter makes for an exciting look you’ll enjoy.


Pearl & Flowers French Tip

Pearl & Flowers French Tip Via Nails - To February ♥ ...
The colors on these stick on nails are simply adorable! In combination with the 3D flower, you’ll have an unforgettable manicure!


3D Accents

3D Accents Via Nails - To February ♥ ...
Jewels and flowers will take your stick on manicure to the next level! They add an element of fun and sass regular nails simply can’t achieve.



Plaid Via Adventures In Acetone
Plaid is one of my favorite patterns of all time; who would have thought I could wear it on my nails too? If you love plaid as much as I do, consider these stylish stick on nails!



Houndstooth Via Get Yo' Nails Did
Another spunky pattern to try is houndstooth! It’s unexpected, fabulous, and easier to apply than it looks!


Emerald Gems

Emerald Gems Via Stick On 3D Nails Emerald ...
This shade of green is simply to die for! And the cream accent nails with emerald gems truly elevate these stick on nails above almost every other!


Polka Dot

Polka Dot Via Red Polka Dot & Bow ...
These Minnie Mouse style nails are adorable beyond belief! For a fun day of disney, they’re the right choice!



Words Via Beauty - My ambition - ...
If you love words, why not wear them on your nails? It’s an intriguing look that you’re bound to love and adore!



Stripes Via Museum Nails - Black + ...
Stripes are a hassle to apply to wet, painted nails. But with stick on nails, a flawless look can be achieved in seconds!


Japanese Floral

Japanese Floral Via Nails, stiletto nail, gyaru, black ...
If you love long nails, this may be the look for you! This Japanese floral print on stiletto nails is high fashion and fabulous!


Stick on Decals

Stick on Decals Via Valentines Day nails - day ...
Maybe you love painting your nails and are great at it! If that’s the case, you can always simply add stick on decals to add a little more interest to your desired look.



Rainbow Via lh3.ggpht.com
Younger girls may really like this fun and colorful rainbow manicure!


Tiger Stripes

Tiger Stripes Via pinterest.com
These metallic tiger-striped nails are bound to attract attention from your friends and family!


Mix and Match

Mix and Match Via Summer Beauty Trend to Try: ...
You can get really funky, crazy nail patterns when applying stick on nails. Not every nail is created equal... so why would you decorate them as if they were?


Stick on Accent Nail

Stick on Accent Nail Via My Style
If you’ve already painted your nails and are happy with your work, but want to add a little extra something, you can always use a stick on design for your accent nail!



Scales Via Chrome Nails with Scales
Animal prints will always be in style! For example, these snake-like chrome stick on nails!



Via Nordstrom - Dior (Beauty) Dior ...
Stick on nails aren’t just for your fingers! Your toes need some loving too, and can get it with these floral stick ons!



Via Jamberry nails - Nail art ...
This vintage floral design is graceful and elegant, perfect for a picnic or lunchtime date!


Mint and Gold

Via Jamberry
Mint is the color of the season! If you’re going to dress in it, shouldn’t your nails follow suit?



Zig-zag Via Jamberry
When isn’t pink the perfect color for a manicure? Plus, this zig-zag accent pattern perfects this look!



Via Jamberry Nail Wraps
The paisley pattern on these nails is fun and unforgettable! It’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who glances at your nails.


Trifecta of Beauty

Trifecta of Beauty Via Nail Stuff
With sparkles, zig zags, and a smooth, pink coat, how could you go wrong?


Black and Gold

Via Victoria Elizabeth Design - Home
A more neutral look is this black and gold, elegant pattern. You could sport these nails for a night out on the town or regular day at the office.

I certainly prefer stick on nails over traditional manicures, but not everyone realizes how versatile stick on nails are! After seeing these gorgeous selections, are you eager to try some out?

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