7 Grungy Nail Designs That Are Too Hot to Handle ...


Lately, I have been really into grungy nail designs. From studs to dark nail lacquer, rocking edgy looks on casual occasions can sometimes make me feel even more confident in my look. I love experimenting with all of the diverse nail colors and textures that certain lines have to offer. If you do not feel inclined to agree, these sexy, grungy nail designs will be sure to change your mind.

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Studded Nail Art

YouTube star "EmJustLikeYou" definitely put her best foot forward with this amazing look, making it one of my favorite grungy nail designs this season. I really love the striking contrast between the nude and black polish, as well as the gold studded accent pieces. Having each nail feature a different design is both incredibly chic and utterly brilliant.


Quilted Nail Art

Speaking of studs, this next tutorial by YouTube nail artist "dulllikeglitter" creates a look that resembles leather and quilt. When I first watched this video, I was extremely skeptical of how this design would turn out on a "subpar" nail lover like myself. You could imagine my surprise when I realized that this nail art is both daring yet easy to achieve. Can you tell that this look was inspired by the Michael Kors black quilted studded Hamilton bag?


Distressed Nail Art

In my book, YouTube nail art genius "Sarah Waite" deserves at least thirty extra points for her ability to expertly mix colors together without having them run. The super stylish black polish layered throughout is the cherry on top. This amazing blend of blue, purple and pink is simply magnificent.


Zipper and Lace Nail Art

This edgy zipper and lace look by "Julie Ventura" definitely falls under the "too hot to handle" category. While this tutorial was a bit more difficult to perfect, I must say that seeing the end product made it more than worth it. The bright yellow, when paired with the black undertone, pops in a marvelous way.


Punk Rock Nail Art

Anything featuring pink, leopard print and stripes is an instant classic to me. Normally, I would not expect all of these bold prints to mesh well together but "PinkFlyingCow87" found a way to make everything work. I can't get over my obsession with the crystal rhinestones and monochromatic stars and kisses.


Poker Face Nail Art

Inspired by Mother Monster herself, this next nail design by YouTube nail guru "Julie G" is just flawless. The sexy poker cards nail art takes me back to Lady Gaga's starting days as a phenomenal singer and entertainer. Let's just say that I would have no problems putting my 'paws up' with these amazing design on my nails. While this video is old, the design is still beautiful.


Rocker Nail Art

Last but not least, this trendy look is perfect for any occasion. From the turquoise and glitter base to the silver rhinestone accents, everything about this nail art by the lovely "IHaveACupcake" is just spot on. My inner music aficionado screamed at this music inspired look.

If it's sassy or quirky, you can certainly count me in; I love rocking nail art that is not as conventional as the usual looks. Which nail designs are you anxious to try? Are you a fan of the monochromatic look?

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