7 Trendy Nail Designs for Short Nails ...

Perhaps you're a biter or simply like your nails kept short, but whatever the reason may be, you can still add a little pizzazz to your fingers with nail designs for short nails. Fun and fancy manicures are not just reserved for long nails. In fact, quite a number of the designs seen on long nails can be replicated on short nails as well, with a minor tweak here and there of course. Don't just paint your nails a variety of colors and call it a day! Be on trend and try out these nail designs for short nails!

1. Newspaper Print

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The newspaper print manicure has got to be one of the coolest and most creative manicures that are unbelievably easy to do. To achieve this nail design, you will need grey nail polish and rubbing alcohol. Dip your painted finger in rubbing alcohol and soon after, press a small piece of newspaper onto your nail. The rubbing alcohol enables the ink from the newspaper to transfer onto your nail. When it comes to trendy nail designs for short nails, the newspaper print manicure is my go-to design.

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